Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Ruth: Week 2, Day 4: Ruth 2:8-16


Boaz tells Ruth to stay in his fields where she will be protected and have all of the wheat she will need, as well as water. No harm will come to her here. Ruth asks him why he is showing her kindness, and he replies that he has heard all that she has done for her mother-in-law. He asks the Lord to reward her richly for it.

Boaz called Ruth over at mealtime and gave her bread and wine vinegar, as well as roasted grain. Boaz ordered his men to leave her extra bundles of grain to glean.


9 ) Boaz tells Ruth that he will protect her and for her to stay in his fields where he will ensure she will be provided for. He blesses her and tells her he is doing this because of everything she has done for her mother-in-law. Ruth thanks him, and he invites her to dinner. Boaz orders his men to take care of her and keep watch over her.

10) Boaz provides for Ruth based on what she has done for Naomi. He invites her to dinner even though she is a foreigner. He shows every kindness to her.

11) He blesses her for what she has done for others and for her reliance on God like God does. I can pray for those who have done good and gone unrecognized.


I love how even back then people broke social norms in order to do the right thing. Ruth deserved to be taken care of. After all, she was caring for Naomi and her. She works hard and is God-fearing. Boaz goes out of his way to talk to her, include her, and provide for her, as he should as a kinsman-redeemer, even is she is a foreigner. Contact me today!