Eutychus in the bible

Eutychus in the Bible

Eutychus in the Bible is the epitome of why the Bible is real. Who would make up a story about a guy falling asleep during a sermon and falling out the window and throw it in their holy book?

Eutychus means “fortunate,” and one could argue he was fortunate and unfortunate at the same time.

Eutychus is one of my favorites. He had a heart for God, but had to sleep since that is how God made us. He falls out of a window, but Paul brings him back to life (Acts 20:7-12). I think most of us have been tired at church, and may even have fallen asleep. Eutychus should give you encouragement that it’s ok! God loves you anyways!

Takeaways from Eutychus:

Be careful

Honor your health

God loves our efforts!

apollos in the bible

Apollos in the Bible

apollos in the bible atozmomm.comApollos is first mentioned in the Bible in Acts 18:24-28. Apollos is a Greek name and was the god of light, truth, and an archer. This probably means he was born a gentile or a Greek. He shows up in the New Testament multiple times. He was born a Jew in Alexandria and is a gifted preacher in the early Christian church. Alexandria was where the Old Testament was translated into Greek. He comes to Ephesus after Paul’s second missionary journey (probably around 52 or 53 AD). He is noted as being a great speaker, but being deficient in his knowledge of the gospel, which probably means he did not comprehend exactly what Jesus’ death meant. He preached throughout Achaia and in Corinth and helps Titus on his way to Crete (Titus 3:13). Martin Luther suggested he may be the author of Hebrews. Apollos disappears after this, and it’s only speculation as to his life hereafter.

Apollos was a powerful speaker for God and used by Him to help build the first century church. This is something we should all strive for.