BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 21, Day 5 Isaiah 48:12-22

Summary of passage:  God addresses Israel with the same words as before, “I am he; I am the first and I am the last.”  God is the Creator.  He chose Babylon to carry out His purpose.  God teaches us what is best for us and directs our ways and if His people would only listen, they would have peace and righteousness and numerous descendants.  When Israel leaves Babylon, shout out God’s greatness, their redemption through Him.  He will provide water to drink.  The wicked shall not have peace.


11a)  44:6, 46:4, 41:4, 43:10, 43:13  Idols

b) God is the Creator, the one and only God, the true God

12a)  To listen to Him and obey His commands.  To do so.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Israel was punished because they didn’t listen and disobeyed God.  If I can follow the path He has set out, I will be blessed beyond imagining.

13) Personal Question.  My answer:  Verse 17 “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go”  Reminder that God is in charge, not me.

Conclusions:  Nothing new was expressed here that we haven’t heard before from Isaiah.  I feel repetition is good but at some point you beat a horse to death with the same old.  I feel like I’ve tuned out–like a child tunes out his parents when they repeat the same old advice.  “Yeah, Mom, I get it.  God is the Creator. Obey Him and all will be peachy.”  When this happens, the message loses its impact.  Anyone else get this feeling?


BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 21, Day 4 Isaiah 48:1-11

Summary of passage:  God calls out Israel, saying they take oaths in His name and invoke him but not in truth or righteousness.  God foretold events and they came to pass because He knew how stubborn His people are; yet, they still turned to idols and gave the Lord no credit.  So, from now on, God will tell them of new and hidden things that they haven’t heard of before today so they cannot use the excuse of “Yes, I knew of them”. People are born sinners.  Yet for God’s own sake, He delays His wrath.  For His glory and praise God stays connected to His people.


8a)  They went through the motions of taking oaths and invoking God but it was not in truth or righteousness.  God has shown Israel His power yet they still sin and turn to idols.

b)  God is not in their hearts.  He has become a routine so much so they don’t think on Him.  This can happen to me when my life is cluttered with little problems.

9)  God says from now on He will tell Israel of new and hidden things they have not heard of before today so they cannot say, “Yes, I knew of them”.  People are sinners from the womb.

10a)  God delays His wrath for His sake and His glory

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  God knows us so intimately and knows we are born sinners due to the Fall and knows we don’t listen sometimes yet He shows us mercy for His sake.  He loves us no matter what.  No matter how much I mess up God Still has my back.

Conclusions:  God loves us despite our imperfections.  He understands us like no other.  I just wish I could be so compassionate, loving, and understanding with others and their imperfections and sins.