BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 7, Day 6 Isaiah 10:5-34

Summary of passage:  God sends Assyria against his people to loot and plunder.  Assyria intends to bring destruction so God will punish the King of Assyria for his pride and haughtiness.  God explains how He uses countries to enact His will through an analogy of Him wielding an axe.  The remnant (remaining people after the sacking of the Israel and Judah by Assyria) will truly rely on the Lord and turn to him only.  The Lord assures his people He will come against Assyria and destroy them.  Assyria will be stopped before they enter Jerusalem.  He uses the axe analogy once again, saying He will fell Assyria’s trees.


13) Personal Question.  My answer:  God’s priorities are for His people to follow Him in a just and Godly way.  He will use whomever He desires to teach His followers lessons if they cannot learn it through other means.  But all of this punishment/discipline is out of His great love for us.  It is our benefit so we can grow closer to Him after the lessons are learned.

14) Personal Question.  My answer:  To be more humble, to teach my children humility and to always put His will first.

Conclusions:  Great lesson.  We learned about God’s sovereign power, His use of nations to enact His will, His overwhelming love for us that causes his discipline of our behavior, the harmfulness of pride, the power of humility, and God’s means of teaching us His lessons for life.  We must remember God loves us unconditionally despite our foibles, idiosyncracies, and mistakes.

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 6, Day 2: Isaiah 8:19-22 & 1 Samuel 28

Summary of Isaiah 8:19-22:  Isaiah tells the people not to consult mediums or spiritists and consult God and His word instead.  If you don’t speak to the truth of His word, you will have no light.  You will be distressed, hungry, and angry at God and, as a result,:  curse Him.  Darkness will reign.

Summary of 1 Samuel 28:  Saul was afraid of the Philistine army so he inquired of the Lord but the Lord did not answer him.  So Saul turns to a medium for answers even though Saul had expelled all mediums as required by Law.  He consults the witch of Endor in hopes of discovering the outcome of the battle.  The witch calls up Samuel who chastises Saul in not consulting the Lord and tells Saul because he hasn’t obeyed the Law and God, he will be handed over to both Israel and the Philistines and tomorrow you and your sons will be with me.  Saul was filled with fear.


3a) A medium or spiritist is a living person who is said to be a channel of communication between the Earthly world and the world of spirits.  People consult them when they believe God has abandoned them or in distress (like Saul did in 1 Samuel 28) or they are desperate and feel they have no where else to turn.

b) In Moses’ laws, you will be defiled by them (Leviticus 19:31); He will set his face against the person who consults them and cut them off from his people (Leviticus 20:6); Evil in the eyes of the Lord and provokes Him to anger (2 Kings 21:6); detestable things as outlawed in the book in the temple of the Lord (2 Kings 23:24); bring the Egyptians plans to nothing and lose heart since they consult mediums (Isaiah 19:3); do not listen to them as they only prophesy lies that will only serve to remove you far from your lands; I will banish you and you will perish (Jeremiah 27:9-10).  Yes since only God knows the future and He is the one in control.  Astrology can only lead you astray.

c) They have no light of dawn.  They will be distressed and hungry and roam through the land and when they are famished, they will become angry and curse God.  They will only be able to see darkness and despair–not His light and truth.

4a) Other people, from societal and cultural norms, strangers, people in authority, leaders, elders, preachers

b) Personal question.  My answer:  doctor, family, God

5) Your mind becomes clouded and darkness takes over.  Your thinking is futile so you become foolish and blame God for your unfaithfulness.  The path is opened for the Devil to step in.

Conclusions:  Tough one today.  Lots of passages to look up but it’s always fascinating to me to see how many times God mentions a subject and voices His opinion on it in multiple ways.  It reveals the importance of the topic to Him, and sometimes (like in this case) a topic I never much think of because I don’t believe in mediums.  It’s interesting to see how much this affects God and the importance of your actions; no matter how small they may seem to you, they can be big to Him.

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 5, Day 5: Isaiah 8:11-18

Summary of passage: God spoke to Isaiah telling him to not follow the way of the people, do not fear what they fear; fear only Him.  The Lord Almighty is your sanctuary but will be a stumbling stone for many.  Isaiah concludes he will wait for the Lord and trust in Him; he and his children are signs from the Lord.


13a) Personal answer.  My answer:  I’m really not influenced much by others’ fears.

b) Do not fear what they (the people) fear.  The Lord is the only thing you should fear.

c) To be mindful of His laws and obey them or face the punishment/consequences.  Your sins are forgiven if you accept Jesus but that doesn’t give you a pass to do evil.

14a) Stumbling Stone–Those who do not believe (Israel in Romans 9:30-33) and who disobey the message (1 Peter 2:4-10)

Sanctuary–Those who believe in Jesus and God

b) Personal answer.  My answer:  Sanctuary

15) Personal answer.  My answer:  In hard times, whom do I turn to?  In good times, whom do I turn to?

Conclusions:  Beware of others’ influence in your life and turn to God for all your needs in life.  Remember He is there always.  Let His ways be your ways.