BSF Study Questions Acts Lesson 13, Day 5: Hebrews 13

Summary of passage:  Love each others as brothers and do not forget strangers. Remember prisoners and others who are suffering.  Keep the marriage bed pure.  Be content with what you have and be free from the love of money.  Remember the leaders who spoke of God and imitate their faith as Jesus is the same forever.

Be strengthened by grace and do not listen to strange teachings.  Jesus made the people holy through his blood.  Keep your goal as the eternal city and do not be afraid to be disgraced.  Continually praise God and share with others.

Obey your leaders as they must give an account so their work may be a joy and not a burden.  Pray for them.

May God equip you with everything you need to do His will and may He work in us for what is pleasing to him.

Grace to all.


14)  Personal Question:

a)  Love each other as brothers; entertain strangers; remember those in prison and those suffering as if you were as well

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and act out of love,

b)  Keep marriage pure.  Don’t cheat.

c)  Be happy and grateful for what you have and free from the love of money.  Remember your blessings and thank God every day you are alive.

d)  Remember your leaders and imitate their faith; don’t believe everything you hear and remember God’s grace.  I take this as imitate Jesus because many of our leaders are flawed humans.

e)  Always have the eternal kingdom in mind so we can endure disgrace if called.  Remember our rewards; nothing else matters.

f)  Continually praise Jesus for all you have and do good to others and be giving.  Give to others out of love and in Jesus’ name as he would do.

15a)  Leaders who must give an account (elected) and who are God-given.

b)  Pray for them.  Express your disapproval (this can be either verbally or supporting another candidate or leaving your church if it’s a church leader) but do not judge.  Find another leader who is more accountable for his actions.  Pray to God for guidance and then follow His lead.

Conclusions:  I didn’t know I’d get to study the whole book of Hebrews along with the Book of Acts.  This was a very pleasant surprise.

I like the simplicity of this chapter.  It’s concrete and gives us some excellent advice and action steps to apply the rest of the book of Hebrews.

Question 15 is hard to interpret because the leaders of their day were the church officials but also the sometimes brutal dictatorship of the Roman Empire.  Nowadays, we elect ours and they are much more accountable.  Nevertheless they are God-appointed and are serving His purpose even if we cannot see it or don’t believe it.  Everything works together for my good.