BSF Study Questions Acts Lesson 22, Day 5: Ephesians 1:20-23

Summary of passage:  God’s mighty strength is exerted (wielded) in Christ when He raised him from the dead and seated him at his right hand in heaven above all else.

God placed all things at Christ’s feet and appointed him as head over the church, his body, the fullness of him that fills everything in every way.


15a)  He is at the right hand of God in heaven and he is the ruler of all things which are under his feet. He is the head of everything for the church and he fulfills everything in every way.

b)  The church is Jesus’ body (verse 23) which is the fullness of him that fills everything in every way (verse 23).

16a)  Any time you pray to know Christ and God more you are comforted.  God will come, show you more of Himself, give you more knowledge, which will bring you more peace and comfort in this life.  Picturing Christ as the head and we humans as the body with the fulness of him calms my fears and anxieties in this world and shows just how much Christ cares.

b)  Praying to know God results in you knowing Him; thus, you will be closer to God and be better able to live and fulfill God’s purpose for your life.  You will make more of a lasting impact in people’s lives.

c)  We are important enough to be the body of Christ and to fulfill in some way the fullness of Christ.  Thus, we are an intricate part of Christ and mean a lot to him.

Conclusions:  As much as we like to be in charge there’s a part of us that doesn’t like to be in charge and likes to be led.  Knowing Christ is in charge and the head allows us to breathe, takes the pressure off to do and be everything in this world which the world says we should, and allows us to do His work in His way in His time to the fullest.