BSF Study Questions Acts Lesson 5, Day 4: Acts 11:19-30

Summary of passage:  Those who had been scattered when Stephen died  traveled as far as Phoenicia, Cyprus, and Antioch preaching to the Jews there.  However some men from Cyprus and Cyrene began to speak to the Greeks as well in Antioch about Jesus.  As a result, many Greeks believed.

Jerusalem sent Barnabas when they heard the news to help.  Then Barnabas traveled to Tarsus to bring Saul to Antioch to help preach the Good News.  For a whole year Saul and Barnabas preached the Good News and it was here at Antioch that the term Christians was first coined.

More prophets arrived from Jerusalem.  One of them, Agabus, predicted a severe famine for the entire Roman world (which was most know places).  The disciples decided to help the Roman people during this time.


11)  1) Men from Cyprus and Cyrene preached to the Greeks at Antioch and converted a great number of people. 2) Barnabas was sent from Jerusalem to help convert people.  3) Then Barnabas went to Tarsus to look for Saul and he brought Saul back to Antioch to convert people.  4) More prophets came down from Jerusalem and one named Agabus predicted a severe famine in the Roman world (which was most of the known world at that time).

12)  At every turn, more and more people converted.  It was so successful, Jerusalem kept sending more and more missionaries to help out.  Antioch is in the Greek world, a pagan place, and there is no mention of persecution of any kind during this time.

Conclusions:  God can do anything and the power of His message is demonstrated here in Antioch where people in masses believed.

According to my study bible, Antioch was the third-largest city in the Roman empire.  It sat at a crossroads between the Mediterranean and the easter world.  It was a huge trading center and had a large Jewish and Greek population.  It was the first church with a large number of Gentile members and from here the first missionaries were sent out to spread the Gospel.

End Note:  Map of Cyrene in North Africa:

Great historical site and map (showing Antioch) fitting in the Bible with Roman times: