BSF Study Questions Acts Lesson 8, Day 3: Galatians 1:1-2:10

Summary of passage:  Paul is writing to the churches in Galatia (map here).  Paul begins by saying Jesus gave himself for our sins to rescue us from evil.  He is surprised at how many are turning from this true gospel to something else.  Some are trying to pervert the gospel and cause confusion for all–people who should be eternally condemned for such behavior!  Paul’s heart is with God.

The gospel Paul preaches he received from Jesus Christ.  He once was a persecutor of those outside the way of Judaism but once he was called personally he did the Lord’s work and preached to the Gentiles.  He met with Peter three years later and preached in Syria and Cilicia (map here and here).

Then 14 years later Paul went up to Jerusalem with Barnabas and Titus in response to a revelation.  Titus refused to be circumcised as well.  But some false brothers had infiltrated our ranks to spy on the freedom given by Christ and to make them slaves.  But they did not give in.

Those who seemed to be important did not add to Paul’s message.  They saw he had been entrusted with ministering to the Gentiles.  James, Peter, and John gave Paul and Barnabas approval to go to the Gentiles.


6a)  Verse 4

b)  Jesus gave himself for our sins to rescue us from evil.

7)  Verses 4, 5, & 6

8 ) Acts 15:5:  believers who belonged to the party of the Pharisees

Galatians 2:11-13:  Peter

Galatians 5:1-7:  yoke of slavery, you who are trying to be justified by law

Galatians 6:12-13:  those who want to make a good impression outwardly

Conclusions:  Compared to yesterday, I didn’t get much from this.  I’m unsure what the challenge portion is for Questions 7 and 8 since the questions specifically say to use certain passages.

Usually, I like when BSF sends us to other places but in this case I thought it too piece-meal to make much sense.  We would have been better off reading the whole book of Galatians to grasp the concept here.

End Note:  What’s important about Galatians 1 is Paul is saying how his gospel is from God himself.  God spoke to him on his way to Damascus.  Not man or anyone else.  Only God.  So his gospel is true.  Almost everyone else hears the gospel from other people.