BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 12, Day 5 Isaiah 27

Summary of passage: In that day, the Lord will punish and defeat the Devil.  The Lord will prosper the vineyard (Israel) by watching over it, watering it, and guarding it day and night.  As a result, Israel will blossom and fill the world with fruit.  Jacob’s guilt will be atoned for and its sin removed through warfare and exile.  Foreign god’s altars will be crushed.  Jerusalem will be desolate until a trumpet sounds, calling all of God’s people and those exiled back to his holy mountain in Jerusalem to worship Him.


12) In that day the Lord will punish and defeat the Devil and consequently Israel’s enemies

13a) First Isaiah describes how the vineyard (Israel) was cared for and watched over by God but only yielded bad grapes.  So God took away its hedge and destroyed it and made the vineyard a wasteland.  Now, the Lord watches over the vineyard (Israel), waters it continually and guarded it day and night.  Now, Israel will blossom and fill the world with fruit.

b) By warfare and exile, God drives Israel out and removes her sin.  He crushes foreign gods’ altars.  Jerusalem becomes desolate

c) To atone for Jacob’s guilt and remove their sin until the day when He gathers up the Israelites with a trumpet call to worship the Lord on the holy mountain in Jerusalem

14a) Exodus 19:10-13  A signal to the people God is ready for them

Leviticus 25:8-10  A signal or announcement of the Day of Atonement

Matthew 24:30-31  Angels come with a trumpet call announcing Jesus’s ascent into Heaven

1 Corinthians 15:52  At the last trumpet the dead will be raised imperishable and we all will be changed

1 Thessalonians 4:16  The Lord descends from Heaven with a trumpet call and the dead rise first

b) Personal Question.  My answer:  A fulfillment of the Lord’s promise to come again, bring Heaven to Earth, and raise us up again.

Conclusions: God has a plan no matter our daily hardships.  He will prosper us and defeat the Enemy.  In the end, we can expect ever-lasting life announced with a trumpet call.  I’m not feeling very enthusiastic here.  Same message.  Same consequences.  Same end results.

End note:  I found another map today I’m posting, mainly for myself so I wouldn’t lose it.


BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 12, Day 3 Isaiah 26:1-6

Summary of passage: Jerusalem shall be a strong city with God protecting His people.  The gates will be opened for the righteous.  The people will be in perfect peace because they have faith in God (a steadfast mind) and trust in Him.  He humbles the prideful and levels the lofty city which will be trampled by the feet of the oppressed.


6) Strong believers and strong in God’s protection. Gates opened for believers to enter and seek His protection and comfort.

7a) Definition of steadfast: firmly fixed in place, immovable; not subject to change; firm in belief or adherence; faithful.  A steadfast mind is one that does not change and is firm in it’s beliefs.  Benefits: calm and steady amidst turmoil and uncontrollable events around you.

b) By prayer and petition with thanksgiving, ask God.  Think about whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable (basically God and His word and promises).  Do not worry for God is in control.

c) Personal question.  My answer:  Moving, homeschooling, BSF, security in mind of His provisions for my life.

8 ) He levels the lofty city to dust, trampled by the feet of the oppressed.

Conclusions:  Emphasis on faithfulness to God and His purposes which we cannot see.  Try to be as steadfast as God in all things.  I love Philippians and I love it when BSF sends us to great passages in the Bible to keep in the forefront of our minds.  It says to think on good things, not all the negativity we are bombarded with everywhere in today’s society.  Do not waste time dwelling on the bad and all the things we cannot change for God is unchangeable.  We will have “the peace of God” (something I want!) if we do not worry about things and trust absolutely in Him.  Simple, right?  Pray and ask with a grateful heart and God will do the rest!

Question of the Day:  Why does God’s law, when broken down, seem so simple yet so, so hard to follow for us humans?

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 12, Day 2 Isaiah 25

Summary of passage: Isaiah praises the Lord for all the marvelous things He has done and planned in faithfulness.  He has brought down the enemies and He will be revered by these ruthless nations.  The Lord has been a refuge, shelter, and shade for His people.  He silences and protects his people from foreigners. On this mountain the Lord prepares a banquet of rich food, destroys the barrier between Him and His people, swallows up death, wipes away the tears, and removes people’s disgrace.  Moab will be destroyed for its pride.


3a) God’s marvelous, planned actions; destruction of the foreigners’ city; a refuge for the poor and needy, shelter from the storm, shade from heat; His silence of the foreigners

b) Refuge, shelter, shade.  I really can’t praise God better than Isaiah did.

c) All

4) Prepare a rich banquet and destroy the barrier between Him and His people.  He will swallow up death, wipe away tears, and remove people’s disgrace.  Why wouldn’t this cause the people to praise God?

5) Against the wealth they have gained from the spoils of God’s people

Conclusions: I thought this passage very straight-forward and I felt BSF stretching here for the questions.  Questions 3b, 3c, and 4 I particularly disliked.  Isaiah praised God perfectly here and I will just pray his words.  Why wouldn’t His people  be praising God for His grace, His magnificence, destroying death, wiping away their tears–in essence, embracing them as His children?  I either missed the point here or this section is meant to highlight the good and tie into other sections.  Probably the latter so I’ll wait and see.