paul's missionary journeys

Paul’s Missionary Journeys Thus Far

Acts describes Paul’s three missionary journeys along the northeastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Here, the Romans ruled, and it was a time of Pax Romans, or Roman peace, where Paul could travel in relative safety. As a Roman citizen, Paul could go anywhere, and everyone spoke Greek. Romans built hundreds of miles or roads, many of which exist even today.

God had set Paul up for this job. He was a Pharisee who studied with Gamaliel, and he fully understood being Jewish and being a Roman citizen. He used his knowledge of languages to connect with people, and he performed miracles when needed (such as the guy who fell out the window). Paul established many churches and helped to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders. Not bad for a life well lived. Plus, he got to see and experience God and Jesus.

BSF’s Next Study: Letters of Paul?

I’ve heard from many of you on the repetitive personal questions of the study of Romans.  I have noticed this as well.

I suggested a while back that Bible Study Fellowship shorten the study of Romans into a semester long course and then add on other smaller books for the rest of the year such as Galatians and Colossians.

I’ve dubbed this study idea of mine:  The Letters of Paul.

This is an informal poll.  Do you like this idea?  Now that we’re almost half-way through the study of Romans, what are your thoughts on the study, the questions, lecture, notes, etc?  I always love to gauge your opinion on the study at about this time.  Do you like it?  Is it challenging?  Are the questions just right?  Too hard?  Too easy?  Have you learned a lot?  Is BSF worth your time and energy?

Please try to be reflective of the study itself, not BSF as a whole.  Also, just being with God, we’ve all grown closer to Him.  Try to focus here on this study compared to other studies you may have done on the Bible.

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I look forward to your ideas, comments, & suggestions.