Merry Christmas!

White Christmas in the Mountains
White Christmas

Wishing everyone a happy, safe, and prayerful Christmas Day!

Christmas Shopping with Little Money

Usually, Christmas is my favorite time of the year:  Christmas lights, Christmas trees, cheery people, hot chocolate, my birthday (2 weeks before), the celebration of Christ Jesus’s birth, and of course, presents.  Isn’t that the best part?  As a parent, Christmas has now become about the kids.  It’s amazing to see their faces on Christmas morning as they tear into the boxes (which is the best part for my 2 year old–the boxes) and discover what’s inside.

However, this year, due to our move and a multitude of other reasons (my husband being laid off for four months this year, rumors of lay-offs again, etc), we have very little money for Christmas.  Our tree we got for $10 from the National Forest Service and our lights we’ve had forever.  But presents….?

So, I ordered some books for for the kids and that’s about it.  And these books are for school mostly.  It’s not like they are ‘cool’ books.  Needless to say, it had been hard for both my husband and I to ‘get into the Christmas spirit’ when we can hardly afford gifts.  And forget about ourselves.  I’d rather them have something than us.

But we trudge along, trying to stay positive and thankful for what we have (a great rental house, food in the fridge, clothes on our backs, love of the family, and faith in God to guide us).  He has a plan and if we just continue to believe  and trust in Him and not worry as the Bible says, then it will all work out as it’s supposed to.  We have had our moments where both of us have been frustrated and upset about our situation but what can we do?  Nothing.  So why worry about it?

The kids are young; they won’t care come Christmas morning.  They lack nothing and they ‘need’ nothing.  We have ten years before we enter the world of Ipod’s and the newest cell phone craze.  Further, being away from other kids the majority of the time, my kids don’t know what’s out there really.  We hardly watch TV (the news being the most exciting) so they are hardly subjected to the bombardment of advertising.  With little friends here so far, they don’t see what other kids have.

The other day I asked my kids what they want for Christmas.  I just got blank stares really.  Kids are so precious, aren’t they?