Mary Pope Osborne’s Classroom Adventures Program

Introductory Note:  I was contacted by an agency about this program and asked if I would publicize it on my site.  Normally, I turn down such requests but because I think this one actually has value I am posting my thoughts and opinion on the site.  Further, I admire Mary Pope Osborne and what she has done for getting kids to read in this country through her hugely successful Magic Tree House series; so, this is the least I can do to further her goals.  She constantly is giving back what she has been given (especially to kids) and I see this site as contributing to her efforts.

To celebrate the Magic Tree House’s 20th Anniversary, the author of the series, Mary Pope Osborne has created a free, comprehensive set of educational resources located here at Classroom Adventures Program.  Incorporating every book in the series, this resource helps teachers spark the interest kids have in the series and expand it to school subjects.

Osborne’s “Gift of Books” Program provides free-books to under resourced schools as well.  More information is available at the aforementioned site.

My kids love the Magic Tree House series and I do as well.  They learn about different parts of the world and interesting historical facts in a fun way so they don’t even know they are learning.  These books are on the top of my list for the kids to read out-loud to me because I learn as well!

I have previewed this website and it does offers a lot of ideas on how to engage children’s interest further in the various subjects.  It has a sample curriculum online that tells you what subjects are covered in which books and it even has sample kids works so you’ll get an idea of what the work looks like when completed.

My kids love to go to the Magic Tree House website and do adventures and get stamps for the books they have read.  I see this new site as just another way to further education.

Homeschoolers can use this just as easily as classroom educators.  Everything is free.  For me personally, I probably won’t be using it because our days are packed already.  But it’s there if I need it and it’s a resource that I believe is worth exploring.