BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 24, Day 2 Isaiah 52:13-15

Summary of passage:  God’s servant will act wisely and be raised up and exalted.  Despite the number of people who were appalled at his appearance which was so disfigured and marred by beatings, he will sprinkle (cleanse) many nations and kings will be silenced.  And the people will see and understand.


3)  Because He will sprinkle (cleanse) many nations of sin.  He will act wisely.  He will triumph.

4)  He will appear glorious and exalted yet He will also appear suffering to the point where many were appalled at His appearance because He was beaten so badly.

5a)  His back was beaten, his beard pulled out.  He was mocked and spit upon.  He was beaten so much His appearance was unrecognizable.  They stripped Him, put a scarlet robe on him, a crown of thorns and a staff.  He was insulted and told to save himself if he were indeed God’s son.

b)  Acts 2:32:  God has raised Jesus to life and we are all witnesses

Luke 24:51; Acts 1:9:  Jesus blessed the people and was taken up to Heaven before them, disappearing behind a cloud

Acts 2:33; Philippians 2:9:  God exalted him to the highest place and give him a name above every name. He sits at God’s right hand and has received and poured out the Holy Spirit

Conclusions:  I like the contrasts here between the suffering Jesus endured yet His eternal reward.  Reading all Jesus endured for our sakes is heart-breaking and humbling but seeing His reward is uplifting and reassuring.

It’s comforting to us humans who go through various stages of suffering but know we will have our reward as well.  Most Americans and those in the developed word (and most of the developing world) won’t be physically tortured, paraded through the streets, and crucified.  But some face abuse (physical and sexual).  Just most crimes today are hidden behind closed doors.  Others are paralyzed by the fear of war and death.

The evils of the human heart are innumerable but Jesus saved us from them for all of Eternity.

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 23, Day 5 Isaiah 51:17-52:12

Summary of passage:  Jerusalem has drunk from the hand of the Lord (his cup of wrath) and drained it to the dregs.  There is no one to guide her so double calamities have come upon them: ruin, destruction, famine, and sword.  But the Lord God who defends His people says He has taken this cup out of His people’s hands and given it to the hands of their tormentors with the promise they will never drink from his cup again.

Isaiah 52:  Again, Jerusalem is told the uncircumcised and defiled will not enter them again so put on your garments of splendor and sit enthroned.  For God says they will be redeemed and they will be freed Egypt and Assyria (those who mock Him) and His people will know His name.

Those who bring good news, peace, good tidings, and salvation to Jerusalem have beautiful feet.  When the Lord returns to Zion, they will shout for joy and burst into songs of praise as He redeems them and comforts them.  All the ends of the earth will see the salvation of God.  The Lord will go before those who carry the vessels of the Lord as they depart.


11a)  The cup was the cup of the Lord’s wrath (Jerusalem was under judgment by God through the Babylonians).  None was there to guide her so the calamities (ruin, destruction, famine, sword) doubled. In the end, God takes the cup out of Jerusalem’s hand, says they will never drink again from it, and gives it into the hands of Jerusalem’s tormentors (Babylonians).  Verse 22:  He defends His people in His timing.

b)  Judgment will end when He hands the cup to Jerusalem’s tormentors (Babylonians).  Jerusalem will never drink from it again.  The uncircumcised and defiled will not enter them again.  They will be redeemed and His people will know His name.

12a)  God commands Israel to shout for joy and burst into songs and proclaim with beautiful feet His good news–which is His promise.  He promises to be with His people and to go before them as they proclaim redemption and salvation and He promises salvation for all ends of the Earth.

b) This question is tricky and I’m stumped.  The command as I stated in a) is to proclaim the good news of redemption and salvation.  The promise is God will go before his messengers and bring this to the ends of the Earth.  As I understand it, we are all captives of sin until we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior.  Then He takes on our sins for us.  So, believers are already released from the captivity of sin.  And since God is talking to Israel (who for sake of argument all believe in Him), the command and promise would apply the same way as in a), which is to go proclaim His message to non-believers.

The Romans passage means to me that God calls those to preach His message to non-believers. Otherwise, we’re preaching to the choir.

I think this question would make better sense if it were speaking of non-believers.

Any one else get a different take on this question?

My answer ultimately for the question:  The same as in a)–to proclaim His good news to all.

c)  Personal question.  My answer:  My blog.  I like to think I’m illuminating questions and touching on things I should have had answered as a child (what is righteousness type thing).  With strangers, with my kids, with family members far from Christ.

Conclusions:  I think I blurred question 11 a and b since I’m not sure which part they want for which. Definitely a lesson that made me think about my role in God’s kingdom and how to spread the Gospel.  I liked the description of God taking the cup from Jerusalem’s hands and giving it to the bad guys.  I’m going to think of this next time I need God to grant me salvation from….you name it.