BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 14, Day 3: Matthew 13:44-46

Summary of passage:  Jesus told a parable comparing the kingdom of heaven to treasure hidden in a field and that once found man will sell everything to have heaven.  He also compared heaven to a merchant who sold everything he had to buy heaven.


5a)  The treasure is God and having knowledge and wisdom of God/Jesus.  A man will sell everything he has to know God.

b)  We, humans, are God’s treasure.  So this interpretations would be God gave up everything He had/valued (namely Jesus) for us, his treasure.

c)  Personal Question.  My answer:  I like a better because we need God; God doesn’t need us.  It’s God-centric and not man-centric.  Part b is man’s ego coming out.   Not that it’s not true (it is) but it’s just a bit egotistical and I believe Jesus meant more us giving it all up for God.

d)  Personal Question.  My answer:  That we love God so much we should be willing to give up everything for Him and vice versa.  It’s encouraging to think that we are God’s treasure especially when we feel no more useful than dirt.

6a)  Jesus Christ or believers

b)  Jesus Christ or believers

c)  Giving up everything to follow Jesus or God sacrificing Jesus for us

d)  Personal Question.  My answer:  I don’t think I have any new understanding.  It merely re-inforces the idea of how precious we are to God and how God should be equally as precious to us.  How sacrifice is the ultimate form of love in action.  How we are God’s most treasured possession and how He is the same for us.

7)  Personal Question.  My answer:  I think he wanted the double meaning of God’s love for us and our love for Him.  Plus, the message is simple so Jesus might have thought we didn’t need it interpreted and that once we had Jesus we would understand it.  Furthermore, Jesus told these before he had died on the cross so the meaning wouldn’t have been totally clear until afterwards and explaining it to his disciples who were in denial about Jesus dying would have been fruitless.  He knew we’d get it in the end.

Conclusions:  I like the treasure parables since mankind in general is very materialistic in nature, it speaks to his desire for Jesus as a treasure and God’s desire for us.  It’s a good analogy.  More straight-forward than yesterday’s.

Parable of the Hidden Treasure:  Scholars say the field represents the world and that the man is Jesus who gave all to buy us back for God.  The reason the man bought the field first is because whatever was found in the land in ancient times belonged to the owner of the land no matter who found it, which I believe is the same today on private property at least.  The treasure is us so Jesus gave up everything to buy us.

Parable of the Pearl:  Again, Jesus is the merchant and we are the pearls that Jesus sold everything to buy.