Ahhh, The Things You Don’t Know in This World…

We have been studying Ancient History in homeschool.  We have been studying the Romans since January and are almost at the End of the Roman Empire.  I have read a ton of books (ok, not a ton but at least dozens) to my kids about the Romans.  Many of these were about Julius Caesar.

Caesar.  The word conjures up many different images for us.  The Ides of March. Shakespeare.  Dictator.  “Veni, Vidi, Vici.”  July.  Statesman.  Cleopatra even.

All of these I usually think of but now I have a new one to add to my list:  Caesarian section.

Ever wonder how things are named the way they are and why?  This one would top my list as to why.  According to legend (which many scholars doubt happened), Caesar was born via Caesarian section.

In Ancient Times, this procedure was only performed on dying or dead mothers in an effort to save the baby.  According to one website, Roman law even decreed this procedure be performed since babies were needed to survive since so many died back then.

I had never thought of the history of this word before.  It’s called Caesarian section like a dog is called a dog, right?  We are taught as kids the names of things and we just accept it without questioning or pausing to think of the rich history behind such names.

We are also studying Latin.  If you want to learn etymology, Latin is the place to start. Fascinating really.  Enriching.

I would like just one thing named after me.  This guy seems to be everywhere!  Advantages to being the greatest leader in Roman History–a time where things were being invented, written down, and christened.

And now you have a great tidbit to throw around at your next dinner party!