BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 8, Day 5 Isaiah 12

Summary of passage:  A song of praise to the Lord because He has turned his anger away and comforted his people.  He is their strength and salvation of living waters.  Isaiah says to proclaim His greatness to the world and give thanks.


11a) God has turned his anger away and He has comforted his people.  His people will trust and not be afraid.  The Lord is the people’s strength and salvation.

b) Anyone who believes in God/Jesus will have streams of living water flow from within him or her.  Whoever accepts Jesus (drinks the water) will have eternal life/salvation.

12) Proclaim, shout, sing

13) Personal question.  My answer:  I’m not for sure I shout but I am joyful to be walking with the Lord through life.  I do trust but sometimes I’m afraid.  The Lord is my strength and joy.

Conclusions:  It’s good to be reminded He is all things and He should be praised for all His goodness.  Reading songs of praise to Him is comforting, knowing it’s not all gloom and doom 2500 years ago.  So often God just gets our problems but He needs our thanks too.

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 7, Day 4 Isaiah 10:16-27

Summary of passage:  The Lord Almighty will destroy His warriors (in effect His people) and Israel’s fields and forests.  But a remnant will remain who will only rely on the Mighty God and return to Him.  Soon, the Lord will turn his anger against the Assyrians and strike them down similar to Midian and Egypt.  The Israelities will be set free.


7) Lord Almighty-He is all powerful and in control.  His will above all else.  Light of Israel–He is the Light, the truth, the way.  Holy One–perfect and revered in every way.  Righteous and just.  Mighty God–Nothing can overcome Him.

8a) God will lash them with a whip and raise his staff over the waters.

b) Personal question.  My answer:  God performs miracles at any given time to enact His will and ways.  He will use countries and punish countries as He sees fit.

9a) The remnant will truly rely on the Lord and return to the Mighty God.

b) Personal Questions.  My answer:  These people put God first and relied on His will.  If we do the same and return to God, anything in our life is possible.

10) When Moses raised his staff over the Red Sea and allowed Israel to escape Egypt.  Gideon defeats the Midianites with an army of only 300 and was directed by God.  Both of these men completely relied on God and overcame overwhelming odds to defeat the enemy.  Israel is reminded that Assyria can be defeated through God as He is all powerful.  If God says they will be defeated, the people can trust in His word.

Conclusions:  This passage comes down to trust and belief.  Believe anything is possible.  Believe God is in control.  Believe He will do what He says He will do.  We are reminded of how God can overcome any odds to enact His will.  It reminds us of His greatness and how He can do anything.  In our own lives, if we ask God and believe He will answer, He will and we don’t have to worry anymore.  His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 6, Day 4 Isaiah 9:6-7

Summary of passage: Isaiah once again predicts Jesus’ birth in this passage, saying a child will be born who will reign on David’s throne and establish justice, peace, and righteousness forever.


9) Both predict Jesus Christ

10a) Wonderful Counselor: Wise Teacher

Mighty God: Holy and Righteous

Everlasting Father: Forever with you

Prince of Peace: Harbinger of a new world

b) Personal question.  My answer:  They are a reminder of God’s sovereignty and how He is everything to me.

11a) David’s line will rule forever.  He will bring justice, peace, and righteousness forever.  The government will be on his shoulders.

b) Personal question.  My answer: Jesus always gives me hope for a better tomorrow.  I hope to continue being more Christ-like every day.

Conclusion:  Straight-forward today.  A reminder of how God even knew Jesus before he was born (just like He knows us before we are born); how God had the world all planned from Day One; how He is soveriegn and almighty.

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 6, Day 2: Isaiah 8:19-22 & 1 Samuel 28

Summary of Isaiah 8:19-22:  Isaiah tells the people not to consult mediums or spiritists and consult God and His word instead.  If you don’t speak to the truth of His word, you will have no light.  You will be distressed, hungry, and angry at God and, as a result,:  curse Him.  Darkness will reign.

Summary of 1 Samuel 28:  Saul was afraid of the Philistine army so he inquired of the Lord but the Lord did not answer him.  So Saul turns to a medium for answers even though Saul had expelled all mediums as required by Law.  He consults the witch of Endor in hopes of discovering the outcome of the battle.  The witch calls up Samuel who chastises Saul in not consulting the Lord and tells Saul because he hasn’t obeyed the Law and God, he will be handed over to both Israel and the Philistines and tomorrow you and your sons will be with me.  Saul was filled with fear.


3a) A medium or spiritist is a living person who is said to be a channel of communication between the Earthly world and the world of spirits.  People consult them when they believe God has abandoned them or in distress (like Saul did in 1 Samuel 28) or they are desperate and feel they have no where else to turn.

b) In Moses’ laws, you will be defiled by them (Leviticus 19:31); He will set his face against the person who consults them and cut them off from his people (Leviticus 20:6); Evil in the eyes of the Lord and provokes Him to anger (2 Kings 21:6); detestable things as outlawed in the book in the temple of the Lord (2 Kings 23:24); bring the Egyptians plans to nothing and lose heart since they consult mediums (Isaiah 19:3); do not listen to them as they only prophesy lies that will only serve to remove you far from your lands; I will banish you and you will perish (Jeremiah 27:9-10).  Yes since only God knows the future and He is the one in control.  Astrology can only lead you astray.

c) They have no light of dawn.  They will be distressed and hungry and roam through the land and when they are famished, they will become angry and curse God.  They will only be able to see darkness and despair–not His light and truth.

4a) Other people, from societal and cultural norms, strangers, people in authority, leaders, elders, preachers

b) Personal question.  My answer:  doctor, family, God

5) Your mind becomes clouded and darkness takes over.  Your thinking is futile so you become foolish and blame God for your unfaithfulness.  The path is opened for the Devil to step in.

Conclusions:  Tough one today.  Lots of passages to look up but it’s always fascinating to me to see how many times God mentions a subject and voices His opinion on it in multiple ways.  It reveals the importance of the topic to Him, and sometimes (like in this case) a topic I never much think of because I don’t believe in mediums.  It’s interesting to see how much this affects God and the importance of your actions; no matter how small they may seem to you, they can be big to Him.

BSF Study Questions Lesson 4, Day 3: Isaiah 6:5

Summary of passage:  Isaiah cries out upon seeing the Lord, “Woe is me!” and says how unclean he and his people are to see the Lord.


7a) “Woe to me!”  “I am ruined!  For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty.”

b) Personal Question.  For me, I put I don’t know if He has.  I’ll have to think on this one.  There are instances where I have known God spoke to me but am unsure about the revealed part.

8a) If you have a good heart, you will say good things.  If you have an evil heart, you will say evil things.

b) Whether you are good or evil.

9) Personal Question.  I put that we should take Him and what He says seriously and always remember we are sinners and only He is pure.

Conclusions:  Short passage to analyze, teaching us how we should respond when God shows himself.

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 3, Day 5: Isaiah 5:26-30

Summary of passage:  Isaiah describes how God will bring forth distant nations to conquer Israel and enact His justice for their sins.


11a) God will allow distant nations to overtake Israel’s land and people.

b) Personal Question.  My answer:  Personally, no.  I wouldn’t want to be conquered.  Yet, for Israel, in this time, I would say yes since their sins are great and they heed no warnings to repent.  Punishment is inevitable.  [This question is hard since we do not live in their time.]

12a) Personal Question.  My answer:  That God uses war (something He despises) to enact justice.  Because in war people are killed, women are raped, families are separated, etc.  War is the worst instrument of justice in my opinion.

b) Personal Question.  My anwer:  Personally, I wouldn’t want to be.  One always appreciates something more when it’s gone.  When I lived in a camper, my next house was a mansion!  God is teaching His people to appreciate Him through bereavement so I believe being forced from the Promised Land ultimately was a good thing for the people of Israel.

Conclusion:  Most of these questions were personal in nature.  However, I hope by providing my answers, it helps you as you answer your questions.  I know sometimes I’m  think, “What are they getting at here?” so you can see at least what I think they are looking for.  I will try to do this as often as possible as long as I am comfortable with the question.

Easy passage.  Not so easy to think about how you view God’s justice.  Interesting day.