Announcing Google Translate on My Blog!!

Hey all!

I’m SUPER excited to announce I have now added Google Translate to my blog.

What this means is you can now read my blog posts in over 100 different languages!

For those of you international followers and others who struggle with English this should make it much easier to read my answers.

There are two options:  A banner appears right underneath my heading photo.  Or I have placed a button on my sidebar near the top.  Simple click on the button, select your language, and all my posts are translated instantly!  I love technology!

For those of you Bible buffs, there is even Latin and Greek!

Let me know if this is useful and how it’s working.  I always welcome feedback!

Happy translating!


WARNING: I May Be Sitting Next to You in Class….

I love technology.

Last week, my teaching leader pulled up the Bible on her cell phone.

My friend uses her IPad to find Bible passages.

All about it.

However, last week, someone in my group also used their phone–but not to pull up the Bible.

This woman pulled up my blog and read my answer VERBATIM.  From her phone!

Admittedly, she was called on because she hadn’t spoken and I, at least, discovered she hadn’t done the lesson.

But she pretended she had by reciting my answer.  Which was an answer that was personalized.

Normally, I don’t mind this.  But then I had to be quiet the rest of the time, afraid I’d give myself away.

Because, yes, I do use my answers in class.  After all, they are my answers.

Lately, I’ve been more wary though since I would bet half of the women in my group read my blog.  So, I try to only answer the obvious ones where we all have the same answer. You know the ones:  where the answer is the devil or Jesus Christ, etc.

Otherwise, I may give myself away–or you all may think I’m just cheating off of this site!

But I know for a fact this woman was!

I don’t mind if you use my answers.  I’d prefer you print it off ahead of time though.  Then I know you at least looked at the questions.

This woman hadn’t even read the question (or my answer) until that very moment.

So if you don’t want others (or me) to know you haven’t done the lesson, at least paraphrase my answer.  Pause and read it first and then put it in your own words.  Or write it in your own words.

With the popularity of this blog and the number of people who subscribe and read it daily, odds are there are several of you in your group.

And I love that!

I love how you all contribute to questions I have or others have and how we are all growing together in God.  It’s fabulous!  It’s why I do this!

And I am honored and blessed if you learn from me or even use my answers.  This is not an attempt to knock the woman who used my answers last week in class.

This is just an encouragement to do your lessons and see what God has for you.  You all read what God has (or recently doesn’t have) for me.  Discover His word in your life.

And from the changes BSF seem to be making, it’s okay if you come to class and admit you didn’t do it.  Someone else can share what they learned and you can learn from them. You won’t be looked down upon like in years past (at least from what I’m seeing in my group) and what I pray for.  We are all busy.  But you made it to class.  And you will learn. Just not as much as if you had done the lesson.

But we all have those days where the dog puked, the kids are sick, the car broke down, you moved, you spent an hour on the phone trying to resolve a bureaucratic nightmare, etc.  All those unforeseen events that take away time…

And God will meet you right where you are….

But remember….You never know who’s in your class…

There’s only one of me.  But there are thousands of you!