Welcome all,

I am a former stay-at-home mom who has just recently re-entered the work force.  I am a Content Marketer.  Finally, I write.  Here.  With you all.

I am constantly failing as I struggle to find God’s path for my life.  I think better when I write, so I started this blog ten years ago.  I write novels too.

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences and hear from others with similar commonalities–to hopefully create an online network of like-minded individuals who are going through the same hardships, joys, and experiences in life.  I believe you are not here by accident, so I hope you find here a little bit of whatever you are seeking.

Please comment as often as you see fit.  I would love to hear from you!  I can be reached by email at:  atozmom.wordpress@gmail.com

May God bless you on His journey for you in this life.

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  1. Hi,I’m Reika. Just started blogging on wordpress about a week ago. I’m a mum of 2 kids and currently working as a journalist for a parenting magazine in Malaysia. Well, I guess we do share something in common, we are both mums, love to write, and in a very odd way I’d say, I’m going through some difficulties in my life which revolve around my kids & husband too…which is one of the reasons why I started blogging…so that I can find others who share common interests and experience in life, so we can help each other out in whatever way we can…I’ll add your blog link in my blogroll …do keep in touch!

    1. Your comment is the first one on the page and thought it was ironic that you live in Malaysia. My Dad is from there and I have a lot of family there in the Kuala Lumpar area. I have never been, but would love to visit one day. I live in Arizona, US. and attend BSF here.

      1. Hi, I was from Malaysia, a mom, started attending BSF in Singapore in 1996, and now here in California. “Great study” I said that every year. My husband is also in BSF men class. Thanks for sharing your blog and your faith journey. To God be the Glory!

    2. Hi Reika. I am from Sydney. I would like to do some Bible study which I see in your blog. Can I join on line or what should I do?. Your blog seem the reflection of raw feelings of a true believer who is a mom. God bless you even more, especially in writing!

      1. Bible study fellowship is a wonderful study that you can do online.it’s very intense. But great.I’m in Richmond Virginia usa

      2. Bible study fellowship international .org they have online groups please join it’s wonderful

    3. Hi Reika,
      I am a retiree and joined BSF off and on. So far, my interest in the bible is growing and I must say it is wonderful to understand the bible. I was from Malaysia but residing in Toronto.

  2. I have never followed a blog before. I feel like I am reading your diary. I want to be a writer but have no idea how to start. I see scenes in my head and don’t know quite how to get them on paper. Is it as easy as just sitting down and writing? Being a stay at home mom doesn’t leave a whole lot of free time! Argh! Thanks for posting the BSF stuff!

    1. You could try connecting with ACFW. American Christian Fiction Writers. You can find agents and editors and stand a good chance of becoming published.

  3. I discovered your blog about a week ago, and am very excited about reading it. Although I am much older than you, I think you have great insight. Thanks so much for sharing your heart.

  4. What I meant to say was that, although I am a much older woman, I am learning a lot from you.

  5. I came across your blog due to your posts about BSF. This is my first year in BSF and am loving it!

    The feel you have going on your blog here is quite cozy…I’m a fan. 🙂

  6. Hi, my wife and I are enjoying your BSF blog. She is a children’s leader and has been in BSF 9 years or more. I’ve only been in BSF for about 2.5 years. My question now is that I can’t see any comments to your posts, and I can’t see any way to leave a comment. If I click “RSS Comments”, I do see comments all bunched together in “run-on” style, not meant for easy reading. In contrast, here on your “About” page, I do the see other comments and can leave this comment.

    So why can’t I see others’ comments or leave comments? I must be missing something, but it eludes me!

    I will comment here that on your response to Lesson 9, question 8b, it seems you are missing the point that Israel’s rule and “taunt” of the Babylonian king is in the future – It hasn’t happened yet. They didn’t “just spend years in captivity” and now act like 5-year-olds. This is still to come. Thanks! – John

    1. Hey John,
      After the end of the post, there is a line and below the line shows my tags and what category I have posted in, etc. You click on the “Leave a comment” or “Comment” and it takes you to the comment section. This reads “Comments” with numbers after it when other people have commented, which you can read when you click on it. You can also reply to other comments (which is what I’m doing here). I hope that helps! It’s hard for me to guide you because as the owner of the blog, my screen looks a bit different. Glad you are enjoying it and thanks for the tips!

  7. DUH! I guess the print there was small, and I only noticed the “TAGS” and didn’t read further! Thanks a bunch and hope you keep the BSF blog going. I know it takes a lot of work to get it online. My men’s group meets on Monday night, so you run a couple of days behind me usually. I like to look at your blog on Sunday night to see how it compares to what I have. Being a writer, your comments are usually a lot longer and more complete than mine which usually adds to or stimulates my thinking.

    Wonder if others here use the lessons at http://www.bsfgroups.org? This week I tried something new. I copied the questions from the website and pasted them in a Word document. Then I pasted in the scriptures in the space under the appropriate questions, then typed my answers in below. I could increase the space provided to answer too! Not sure I like the electronic version, but it is nice to have the referenced scriptures right there with the questions.

    1. Awesome John! I wish I could take my blogs in with me because my hand-written lesson is much more compact than the on-line version. I LOVE your idea! I have been thinking of printing them out myself but yours is absolutely fabulous! Let me know if that helps and I may try it too!

      1. I have used the “lesson” download feature of BSF for a couple of years now and really enjoy the freedom it allows. I never could squeeze all my thoughts into the small space provided in the printed lesson they give us every Monday night.

        So I download the lesson questions on the BSF site, go to: https://www.bsfinternational.org/lessons they you put in your phone number as that is what you are registered by with BSF. It will know the class lesson you are on and give you the option to download the Adult, Children, Mens and Womens lesson.

        Then you copy and paste to the word program you use (mine is MSWord) and you can customize from there. It is so nice to have all the room to put your answers, ideas, and references for each question!!!

        Thanks so much for your BSF Blog. Sometimes I get stuck with my thoughts and think I’m on the right track, so I will come read what you have written and it either kick starts my understanding in to thinking about the passages differently, or confirms what I’ve gotten from the Scriptures.

        Prayers and Blessings to you for your faith.


    2. I have been doing the same thing. Sometimes there just isn’t enough space to get all my answer in so I copy from BSF Groups the questions into a word doc and then I can type in my answers and print. It works wonderfully well for me. Glad you discovered it too.

    3. What did you use to convert the PDF file to Word? Is there a way to do it without paying for an expensive conversion tool? Thanks!

      1. I don’t have the conversion program, so I download from the bsf site, go to “edit” and “select all”, then copy (ctl+c). open a Word document and paste (ctlv). I separate each question by 5 spaces and print it off. That sometimes is all I do and take that to class. I used to add a text box and copy and paste each of the scripture references used directly beside the question. Unfortunately, that made my document way too large!
        AtoZ Mom–thanks for the added reference material. I appreciate all the extra work you do to help others along.

      2. If you download the questions, you can edit the PDF. The answer space expands as you type, so you can write all you want. Space problems solved!

  8. One thing that I have done since being in BSF for over 5 years now, I save the questions in Word and list all the daily scriptures and go to biblegateway.com and copy & paste all the scripture according to the day. Print it off and I have it with my lesson.

    1. I do the same thing, but my reason originally for using MSWord was so that I can use a larger font as I have vision problems and the questions printed with the notes as handouts are just too small for me to read easily. Also, I have some Bible software programs that I set font size and font style which also helps rather than going to biblegateway.com. Thanks for everyone’s input.

  9. My thoughts on question 8c. Do I question God?
    There were no circumstances in my life that made me question God for who he is. If anything, I question myself why I choose to sin everyday knowing in my heart that it brings my Lord grief. The Good News is Jesus, my faithful Shepherd is pleased to lead me back to the path of righteousness so I may be worthy again to serve him and give him the honor and the glory he is deserving of.

  10. Your blog is no longer accessible through iPad. But when I got to it on my PC, it’s the same format as it’s always been. As of this week it seems, iPad shows your site as swipe able pages, but when you touch a post nothing happens and I see a lock symbol next to the site name at the top. Is this by accident after implementing a new format or do I need permission to continue viewing. I was really enjoying your perspective on our BSF lessons 🙂

    1. Hey Jessica,
      Not for sure. I don’t own an IPad so can’t address any of those issues. I haven’t changed anything format wise or other. I post the same. This may be too fundamental but maybe you should restart? That’s what I do when I can’t figure anything out. I restart my computer and it all seems to work again! Sorry I can’t be of more help but know I haven’t made anything password protected or what-have-you.

      1. I read the blog on my IPad without any problems. Just thought you might want to know! Thank you for taking the time to publish your thoughts. They really help me and get me to thinking!

  11. I stumbled across your blog while doing some research on Isaiah for BSF. This is my first year in BSF and I couldn’t have started with a harder Bible study than Isaiah. I have truly apprecited your thoughts on each lesson. I just read the blog regarding your feelings about the character in your book and I can say I understand exactly how you feel. I lost my husband in November to cancer and am going through some hard times regarding legal issue with the estate and have been asking God for direction and help. There are times I feel like he doesn’t hear me at all and that I am alone in this fight. Sometimes I am so depressed that I can’t seem to open the Bible and grasp any words of encouragement from it and then there are other times I can’t get enough. I have to say that I feel God lead me to your blog for encouragement through these hard times and I hope you will find encouragement from all the comments you receive. I will be praying for you and your family.

    1. Lynn, I was looking through blogs for BSF, and reading comments when I saw yours. I was thinking that your husband died five years ago this month… Just wanted you to know I prayed for you today as you are walking through this anniversary time. Praying that God has been a comfort & companion for you these past five years, and now, as you commemorate your husband’s passing. God Bless you greatly today!

  12. I invite you to follow my blog. I write spiritual devotions and orginal poems. I love your blog.
    My site is devotionsbylv.blogspot.com “Walking in the Light”

      1. To A to Z Mom;
        I can’t find a followers button. How can I follow you. I’ve added your site to my favorites.

      2. Hey FROG,

        Just followed you. WordPress does not offer the followers option. You can subscribe. That’s all. Maybe soon they will add it! God Bless and thanks for your thoughts!

    1. Hey Traci,

      This is not up to me. It’s up to BSF International. As far as I know, nothing is in the works. I would encourage you to let them know your sentiments. Many voices might get the ball rolling! Thanks!

      1. I found your blog while looking for the questions for lesson 10 for BSF Acts because I was not able to attend class last week. I am shocked and excited to see that many of our answers were the same and you added so much for me to think about. I am grateful for this site. Thank you~

  13. i am so glad.that i discover your blg.it was very helpul for me and i tank you so mugh.i learn lot..any time i get lost i go your blg.tank you.and GOD bles.

  14. You were a big help to me in our study of Isaiah. Thank you for sharing through you blog


  15. I love BSF but wish they would be more inclusive and not so exclusive. I really like your blog and wish BSF would open up an on-line fellowship. I love attending their lectures and groups but I work 12 hour nights shifts. It is hard to work 12 hours then stay up 4 more hours to attend my class. I missed too many last year so they wouldn’t let me back in the Wednesday morning session in my area. I have been accepted into a tuesday evening session in my area. I want to be a part of BSF and hope that I don’t lose my spot again due to work conflicts.

  16. I am blessed by your sharing n pray that God will use you mightily to reach out to others. With regards to BSF Lesson 26 Day 5 Q12. The verse I found is John 14:16 – 18 Jesus promised his closest followers before his death that He would not leave them as orphans but send the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, who would be with them forever.

  17. hi, thanks for all those bsf guides you gave me. it helps a lot. by the way, is it weird that i’m following your blog as i am still younger than 18 🙂 God Bless

    1. Amanda, if there’s a BSF evening class with a school program (men or women) in your area, you can go as a high schooler even without a parent if they will fill out a permission form and someone else who attends the class can give you a ride. Look up bsfinternational.org, then search for a class where you live, and choose “contact class administrator” to email them and ask for help on this.

  18. I have been reading your blog for the last few lessons and have been amazed how you write so clearly without trying to make yourself sound like you have all the answers. It has helped me because I am not one who is normally willing to go out on the limb with my answer before I hear someone else share first. Reading your comments helps me to feel better about my own responses. Thanks for your honest sharing of your thoughts.

    God Bless.

  19. I found your blog while researching BSF Lesson 10 challenge question 7 regarding the devil’s destruction. Like others here, I really like the thoughtfulness of your answers. For the rest of the week I did my part first and then compared my thoughts to yours. For the most part we are in total agreement. I differed on a few but that’s where the Spirit chose to take us. Thanks for your thoughts.
    Grace and Peace.

  20. To expound upon your story about Tim Tebow… He was approached by the NFL while he was still in college. He could have left and become a millionaire without completing his degree. The ONLY reason he decided to stay, and he made sure the NFL knew about it, was because he saw how powerfully God was using him and what a great platform he had for sharing God’s Word! I only wish I could be half as bold as Tim. He is an inspiration for us all!

  21. I was saddened to read in your last BSF Lesson 11 post that you were thinking of terminating the BSF blog which you have made very popular among those of us who love to study the word. You have excellent writing skills and have been a God send to me with your interpretation and understanding of the questions. I really appreciate your helpful explanations. I look forward to each lesson. Thank you for your servants work and helping others such as myself. I will pray that God will make clear the perfect path for you. Thank you with love, Marlene

  22. My name is Janerose, I follow you every time I do my lesson, just to compare notes. I just love your blog…..

  23. I love your blog! I am a long time member of BSF. I love to read your summaries of each section. Thank you for sharing!
    May God bless you and your family.

  24. Happy new year.. i just love the feel of your blog and every time i sit here reading i feel like i am with a very good friend who loves Jesus too.. thanks for sharing… can’t wait to see what the Lord teaches us this year.

  25. I need a good study bible and suggestions for other study books for the BSF class I recently joined . I have a diffilcult time staying up with the class but do not want to give up. Bible study is fairly new for me and my resources haven’t been the best. All help will be greatly appreciated so that I may continue.
    Thanks so much.
    I love your blog. It has been such a wonderful tool for my comparison and learning.

    1. Hey Phyllis,

      Wonderful to hear you’ve joined BSF! My study bible I use is New International Version Student Bible by Zondervan. It explains passages fairly well but is not a full Study Bible. I also use: Zondervan’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary by J D Douglas and Merrill C Tenney. I also use Zondervan’s Atlas of the Bible by Carl G Rasmussen but I don’t use that as much in Acts as I did in the study of Isaiah.

      Hope that helps!

      Blessings to you!

  26. God led me to your blog this morning. I am finding it helpful and well written. Thanks and blessings.in Jesus.

  27. I cannot get to BSF recently due to a child who has a condition which has taken away all my extra time. I have been getting the questions from the website and doing them with you. Please don’t ever stop this as it is such a life line for me. Thank you.

  28. Hi, This is my first year in BSF and more than 30 years since I studied the Bible. Thank you, you’ve really helped me understand some of the lessons that I’ve struggled. It truly is a book subject to multiple interpretations, sometimes just how I’m feeling emotionally and how open I am to hearing Him. That said, I’m curious if some of the negative comments are from “trolls”, those waiting to pounce on your interpretations (anticipating them?). Can you tell whether those commenters are “regulars” like me who check in regularly, or signed in for the first time when they left the comment. This week’s lesson (19) is certainly debatable and sure to stir controversy; one of the commenters is the author of a book doing just that. Please keep on sharing your interpretations of the readings for our weekly lessons, we’re all here because we choose to be. Just as we can choose to not visit your blog (or close the book so to speak) if we find it conflicting for whatever reasons. You’re providing a wonderful service and I respect your mature (as in Christian maturity – I’m certainly older than you by a decade or two) perspectives. Blessings!

  29. I am in my third year of BSF and keep learning so much,but at times still feel like an “infant” in my knowledge and Christian walk.I decided to look up organic unity and organizational conformity on Google,as I was feeling frustrated with this question,and somehow your blog appeared!I had been asking God for help and He answered! I had looked up the definitions and had similar ones to yours-your overall answer made sense to me.Then I looked at some of my other answers and they are very similar to yours-priase the Lord!

    I hope I can connect with you again

  30. Hi A-Z mom, i just joined BSF this year. I am a busy mom with 3 kiddos at home. Always struggled with time to study and answer the daily questions. Today as i was searching for BSF Lesson on google, i found your blog! After reading your ur summary and answers, I feel like i have found a private tutor for my BSF lessons. Thank you sis! I feel very motivated now to prepare my new lesson this week. Praise the Lord! Have a Blessed weeked!

  31. I really enjoyed your insights, references, maps etc. during our BSF study of Acts…do ypou have anything on the Gospel of John? Just starting my first Bible study with my Dad (80 yrs) and would love your assistance. Thanks, Lynn

  32. Hey AZMom, I think you should have a poll on your blog about how many hours your readers spend each week on their lessons at home. I’m having a difficult time with mine, so I’d be interested to see other people’s experiences.

    1. I struggle with time too. Don’t get too frustrated, I did the last study and I was always craming on Sunday evening, but Genesis has been so much better for me. I am really enjoying the journey that we are being taken on. I loved last week when they were talking about the “light” and how darkness fills our lives at times, and sometimes we don’t even realize it’s happening. We had a speaker who talked about time management. She said that when you are writing (typing) you realize that you ran out of space, so you go in and change your font and WALAH! Everything fits! Well, that is kind of what we do with God (not that you do at all, that’s not what I am implying), but we make time for our soccer games, dinner dates, etc…we just keep changing the font, so God’s time gets shorter and shorter, and before we know it, we aren’t spending any time with Him at all.
      That is what made me stop and re-evaluate my schedule. I found that I was doing lots of “good” things , but there was a lot of time I could use to spend with God on my BSF study. I am happy to say, that making that time with God at the end of the my day has been wonderful! I’m not a morning person, so I can’t do the before the day starts time with God. I tell my Spanish professor all the time that I don’t even speak English before noon. So I do my time at night.
      So on an average day I spend about 1 hour on my bible study. I pray before I start, and I started writing down some of the verses that I want to remember. I know that we get busy, but God wants us to busy with Him too. I hope this helps : )

  33. Hello! new here. Googled reviews on Shurley English and happened upon your blog. I don’t even know why I’m looking up reviews and buying up used curriculum, my 1st and 2nd grader are currently attending the Christian school where I currently teach part time (PE). But… I’m just not sure if that is really where I’m supposed to be. My youngest is 4 and has one more year home with me. I think I want to bring them ALL home with me! But, maybe I’m just thinking the grass is always greener. Wish God would wave a big flag and say “hey… do THIS” and then I would know for sure. Well, anyways… just saying hello, thanks for blogging, and I’ll read on.

  34. Hello, I used to attend a BSF group when I was in college, just one year, and have not since joined one here at home (7 years later). I am starting to find my love of Bible Study again, and there are no classes in my area. I thought I could pretty easily find the lessons sheets online, but your blog is the closest thing I have found to it. Is there any way you could send me some the lessons or direct me to a better place I could find them online. My other option is to go backwards through your blog until I find the beginning of one of the years and hope you posted each week.

    1. Camie,

      All of the materials is copyrighted by BSF. I cannot post any of the notes or the questions nor can I send you the lessons. I only post my answers as they are my intellectual property.

      You must be an attending member of a BSF class in order to receive the lessons. I have campaigned for an online class for those who live far away but as of yet nothing has come about.

      I would suggest you contact BSF and ask them your options. http://www.bsfinternational.org. Good Luck!

  35. Just discovered you by searching for Modern Day Edom, I am delighted to have discovered! Not really sure how to participate by wish to experience your offerings.

    1. You can subscribe to my blog and will receive the new postings if you wish. Or just visit the site and search the side bar for what you are seeking. Thanks for visiting!

      1. Thank you atozmom:
        I have commented a few times this summer and just left another ‘blog’ below. I hope my comment is appropriate for this site – I am not sure who or where else to express my concern and thoughts. Thanks

      2. Lorna,

        Very valid comment and concern. I am moving it over to the Matthew posting as I’d like to see what others have to say. Not many people read the about page.

        We’ll see if that gets any other thoughts. If not, may need a posting in and of itself if you will allow it.


  36. I enjoy reading your blog and study notes. During the week as I do my BSF questions I often have more questions and thoughts. Your notes help me stay focused, let me know that I am on track, and let me know that I am not alone in sometimes having concerns and questions about a particular weekly study. I wish my group would exchange emails because I believe it would be helpful to converse about the questions more than just once a week.

  37. September will mark by 3rd year in BSF. My walk and relationship with God has matured more in these 3 years than in my 40 years as a born again believer.

    I am concerned though that BSF is also changing. I experienced a great deal of pressure to the point of shaming to ‘volunteer’ for The Childrens Program. What attracted me to BSF is that there was no child care. At my age, I have raised my children and spent many, many years babysitting others in various services – now I just want to study His Word and Fellowship with other like-minded women who believe that serving in the Childrens Program should be limited to those members who actually have children in the program.

    Our BSF gathering is large and we are seeing an increased number of MOPs every year and always increasing. I am concerned that BSF is becoming too MOPs centered and non MOPS members are being used as Babysitters.

    I pray that BSF remains committed to ALL age groups and walks of life and that the Children’s’ Program remains a Volunteers basis and members choices to serve or not serve will be respected without pressure or shaming.

    1. Me too! So far i haven’t heard a word! Not sure I am navigating properly or am set up to receive replies. Thanks for your help!

  38. Hi all! My name is Kami. I am a mom of 7. Four kiddos are still at home and I homeschool. I am a 2nd year BSF’er. Totally enjoyed Genesis last year and have dove into Matthew this year with two feet! I LOVE, LOVE in depth studying of His Word. I might not agree with BSF on “issues” or even maybe some doctrine but I do passionately love Jesus and strive everyday to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I actually came across this blog last year because I was totally stuck on a BSF question. I enjoy reading your blog. I don’t read it all the time for every question but when I wanna dig in a little bit more, I find that your answers sometimes shows me a little more of Jesus or gives me just a little more insight to take me deeper with Him. For that I am grateful. As I said, I am a big studier of the Word. I sometimes have difficulty in our group setting at BSF by keeping quiet because I went in deep with the lesson and frankly, it’s over most of the other ladies heads. I, in no way am saying that I have it all together, I just keep the Word in context and know a lot of history. I may comment sometimes on your blog if you don’t mind. We are to build each other up in The Lord, sharing our love and faith in Jesus. I am excited about Matthew because the Star of the show is the ONE AND ONLY SAVIOR OF THE WORLD, Be blessed, Kami

  39. Hello Atozmom! This is my first year doing Bible study & any Biblical study for that matter. So I am extremely grateful for your insights on your blog. It is very hard for me as I do not know where else in the Bible to look for answers in addition to the Gospel of Matthew, which we are studying his year. Thank you & keep up the good work! You may be helping a lot more people than you think:)

  40. Your blog site is simply AMAZING. God is doing something GREAT in your life. It is just unbelievable all the input you have. This is such a BLESSING for many. Be BLESSED!!!

  41. Not sure if you’re aware that your blog is all over one of the streams on a social media site I frequent and I thought I’d check it out. Apparently a lot of people are using your answers to complete their homework instead of spending time in the Word themselves. I see that you are an encouragement to many, but how wise do you think it is to put your answers online for all (especially the young) to copy?

    PS I accidentally posted this comment in the wrong spot previously – don’t mean to repeat myself.

  42. I stumbled across your page. Yes, maybe it is copying, cheating. But how is reading/studying the word of God cheating? I find myself being a very black and white person when it comes to the Bible….maybe too much so. At some points it is good, because when I read things like the 10 commandments then this is how it is. No ands, ifs or buts. But sometimes it can be more problemsome when studying. It can cause problems when trying to decipher an incripted message. I don’t think God intended each of us to always have all the answers all the time. Anyone in BSF I am sure at one time or another has sat there with a question or 2 unanswered. So it cheating listening to the others responses? I think listening/reading others perspectives can open up just that much more room for debate and study. So with that being said, I totally, completely applaud all the work that has went into this page.

    On a personal note, I tend to find myself struggling a lot with religion. Like I said before I tend to be a very black and white person. So I have problems walking into a church that says well some sin is ok because it is just the way of the world. Or walking into a church where they have their little cliques and if you are not rich enough or your kids do not belong to certain groups then you are not good enough for them. The Bible I read says judging people is simply wrong, it says that sin is sin. So yes I struggle a lot and maybe it is not so much with my beliefs as much as it is in watching the Church in general and how they seem to slowly but surely spiraling out of control when it comes to the teachings of the Bible.

    So I find it comforting when I can find like minded Christians that believe as I do. It gives me hope that I am not the only one that sees some of this. God Bless you for all of your hard work here….Laura


  44. Today my oldest daughter turned 55 , she is amazing, love The Lord. Praying for wonderful changing in her life for the new year. Thank BSF for their leadership, couldn’t be in a better place on my journey.

  45. Thank you for your wonderful BSF tutelage. I found your blog while searching for explanations of some biblical passages. I am close to finishing my first class, The Life of Moses. It has been a wonderful journey and I, like you, are thrilled that I have become more familiar with the bible, even though I grew up with it in my parent’s home. Please don’t take personally the naysayers’ comments. You are providing a terrific service for BSF students. Your love for God shines through! I agree that having a future lesson handy would be helpful but I think not having it causes me to really delve into what I am needing to learn about a certain passage, discussing answers in class and hearing a recap in the lecture. It puts it all together for me. (It also helps to have a REALLY good Teaching Leader, which I have!) Please carry on. The study of Revelations will need your input!! God Bless. Laura

  46. Arjay replies: The north Georgia area stars on September 16. Thanks for your input in our lessons. I go to BSF class and discussion and then come back and compare our lesson to yours. Some times we agree and sometime we don’t but it is a great learning tool. Consider you a great friend.

  47. A to Z
    Funny I’ve been reading learning and relaying on your blog for years now and today I just read your bio! And this morning I was seriously thinking about my path and what a messy road I’ve been on !!!b

  48. Hi, I have the same question as Marsha Drennen. I am in California and this week we are studying Chapter 6!

  49. Thank you for the blog. I am just curious, why are the posts in reverse order? The last day appears as the first entry?

  50. Thank you. It has actually been 6 years ago this Thanksgiving that he passed away. Looking forward to Jesus return and being able to reunite with Norman and others in my family.

  51. I found your blog a couple of years ago during The life of Moses at BSF which was my first year. Loved it and Revelation. I am struggling with motivation for John. Read your notes on John 9 for inspiration. Already completed mine so no copying going on! LOL! Thank you for your dedication to your writing.

  52. I was searching for BSF and came acrosd your blog. As a newcomer to BSF, and trying to grow in my walk with Jesus. I found your blog very informative to see another responses and viewpoint. It made my day. Keep up the great work.

  53. I am really glad that I came across your blog. You have a lot of interesting posts. I also noticed that the purpose of your blog is very similar to mine which I just started… I was just wondering how it has been working for you?

      1. Well atozmom I signed up and got into a men’s group. I love it. A BIG THANK YOU. Keith.

  54. Thank you so much for the follow 🙂 I love your header picture. It reminds me of Finland, where I was born. Every blessing to you too on your journey.

  55. God bless all moms! I am a dad, and I homeschooled my boys for 8 years. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. Thank you for your service.

  56. Thank you for visiting Sound Bite Fiction.
    I don’t share your religious beliefs, but I fully support you in them.
    Good luck with this blog and, more importantly, your life journey.

  57. Welcome back to the work force! Although I love, love, love to work, it can be quite draining to do both — keeping up a good home and a good job. Best wishes for success in both. And thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. We’re what happens after work ends — travel, leisure activities, and time for reflection. But we still miss work!

  58. Thank you for stopping by and joining my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing my recipes and travels with you. Welcome aboard.



  59. Dear ATOZMOM’S BLOG:

    I was researching for some info. I highly suggest you read Naomi’s Table Blog:

    I have been very concerned about what has been going on at BSF “so rapidly”, and even more concerned after a conversation with someone at Headquarters.

    I am not a big “e-mailer” and am not always on the computer as my work is “hands-on” and “telephone contact” mostly. I will give you my landline number if you would like to discuss anything or if you have any insight for me.

    Thank you so much.


    Ingrid Nelson
    (954) 730-0409

    1. Hey Ingrid!

      Thanks for writing. BSF is a tool run by man. Humans are fallible. The Bible is what we have to trust and our closeness to God. You have to approach everything with an eye of skepticism. The Bible doesn’t change and that’s what we have to trust. If something doesn’t line up with the Bible, don’t trust it. BSF is not perfect. But I do learn from it and it keeps me in the Word. Pray and God will lead you. Thanks for sharing!

  60. I am trying to catch up with the James study. Can you tell me how to receive all of your post on this study?

  61. I really love your blog. I have been doing BSF for a couple of years now. I am from the US. I, also blog which is a passion of mine. Thanks for writing!

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