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Onto a New Bible Study & Supporting a Cause

Hey all!

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I can’t believe BSF’s People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided is almost over! I am looking forward to the Study of John next year.

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This blog is a labor of love. It started with just me posting my thoughts and has grown into what you see today. My goal is to help you know God more, and I hope I’ve succeeded just a bit!

If you find anything here useful and helpful, please consider a small donation. Anything helps. This money goes towards helping support me in my goal to continue to write novels and grow this blog. It uses PayPal. It’s secure, and you don’t have to have a PayPal account to donate. Clicking on ads helps in a very small way, as well as clicking on the Amazon suggestions and recommendations.

If you choose not to donate to me (perfectly fine!), please consider another charity close to your heart. The summer months, nonprofits see a dip in donations due to the busy-ness of the season, so any donation helps!

Thank you in advance, and have a great summer! God bless, and take care!


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Don’t Quit BSF

Hey all!

Right about now is the time many people leave BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).

This is for many reasons:

  • Life gets busy
  • You lack time
  • You are being taken out of your comfort zone by God
  • Doing your BSF lessons is daunting
  • The Bible passages are too long
  • You are struggling and bitter against God
  • The weather is cold
  • It’s just “one more thing to do”
  • And dozens of other reasons

I’m here to tell you that I’m feeling this way, too. Thirty weeks of Bible Study is hard, rough, challenging, and tiring. You are growing with God, but you often don’t feel like you are. And, in the midst of life’s struggles, sometimes we don’t want to hear from God (when that’s exactly the time we need to hear from Him).

But, despite all of this, hang in there. You’ll get over the hump, and you’ll be glad you stuck with it.

Go to class without your lesson completed. Soak up the lecture. Or, do your lesson and skip class and the lecture for a week if getting out is too hard.

Whatever you do, just keep at it. God will reward your work!

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How Do You Use WordGo?

How do you use WordGo?

WordGo is Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)’s Bible study app that allows you to take Bible studies for free. They entail Bible readings, a lecture, and questions. You can do these yourself or with others in a group setting. You simply invite them to join your group.

You can also join WordGo via your desktop or laptop computer. The goal is to foster small online groups and learn about God in an intimate setting. WordGo is a great way to stay in the word during the summer.

Visit http://www.wordgo.org , and contact me with questions today!

Join me for WordGo study of Wisdom beginning June 13th!

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How is Bible Study Fellowship Funded?

How is Bible Study Fellowship funded?

BSF is a non-profit, relying solely on donations for their funding. On their website, BSF states, “We rely completely upon God for provision through the generosity and faithfulness of our members for everything we need to share the Word of God around the globe.”

You can give in multiple ways online to BSF, and you can set up automatic donations.

Learn more about their giving policies Here.

Visit their Support page to get started today!


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What is the Mission of BSF?

What is the mission of BSF?

Bible Study Fellowship, or BSF, states on their website their mission:

“Our mission is global, in-depth Bible studies producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word and His Church. Our vision is to magnify God and mature His people.”

BSF carries out this mission with their Bible studies that run for 9 to 10 months and that follows the school year. They offer their Bible studies in-person or online. What’s important is that people come together in His name to learn, grow, and share God with others. All are welcome at this global Bible study. Learn more, and sign up for their BSF study, People of the Promise, in the fall today!

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How Do You Join Bible Study Fellowship?

Today’s question we’ll answer is “How do you join Bible Study Fellowship?

There are a couple of ways to join Bible Study Fellowship, or BSF. You can go online and request to join a group. The link is HERE. You can search groups near you and then request to join a group all online.

You can also request to join an online BSF Group. That link is HERE. You can search by time, day, and language. This is a great option for older people and for those who prefer to meet from the comfort of their home.

Bible Study Fellowship is free, and now you can choose the way you like to study the Bible with others.

Join a group today!

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How Long is Bible Study Fellowship?

“How long is Bible Study Fellowship?”

Bible Study Fellowship now runs for 30 weeks and follows the school year. In the United States, the first BSF classes begin the week after Labor Day. There is a three-week break for Christmas and a one-week break for Spring Break, which varies depending on your BSF group.

This is different in other countries. Many begin in late August, and those in the Southern Hemisphere begin the BSF study about half-way through ours due to their different seasons.

The BSF classes themselves run approximately two hours. This includes group discussion and lecture.

In the past, BSF was 32 weeks and was 2.5 hours long. However, 2.5 hours is a long time for young children, and students at night would get home really late. Thirty weeks gives a bit more of a break during the summer, too.

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How Does Bible Study Fellowship Work?

Many people wonder, “How does Bible Study Fellowship work?” Perhaps, they have heard of it or have friends who participate, and they want to join.

Bible Study Fellowship, or BSF, takes a four-fold approach to its Bible study:

  1. Answer. You begin with a Bible lesson that covers a particular passage. This features questions that will help you to understand the passage better and explore what it means to you.
  2. Discuss. You will then meet with your group, going over the questions and gathering further insight to the passage based on what others have discovered.
  3. Listen. You will then listen to a lecture prepared by the teaching leader of your class that will further dive into the meaning of the passage and pose questions that may help you dive deeper into the Bible passage’s meaning to you.
  4. Explore. Finally, you’ll read about the passage and read Bible commentary for other great insights into the Bible passages’ meaning.

Here’s a nifty video of this approach from BSF HERE

Other Bible study ideas for you all!

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Is Bible Study Fellowship Free?

I’ve gotten this question, “Is Bible Study Fellowship free?” many times, so I thought I’d set the record straight!

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) IS FREE!

There is absolutely no cost to this bible study. BSF is a non-profit, operating on donations for the most part and the sale of some items. Those who do attend are encouraged to give, and most BSF locations have a donation basket near where they hand out the questions for giving in person. BSF encourages those who are able to give online, too.

You can donate HERE if interested.

There should never be any restrictions to learning about God. BSF supports this view, too.

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Onto a New Beginnning…

Hey all!

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is winding down, and we are about to leave the Book of Matthew behind. I hope you all found it as transformative as I did and learned about God, His Son, and His plans, and grew with Him.

I will be posting later this week some suggested summer Bible Studies (as well as what I intend to do right here if you all want to follow along). I sincerely hope you all have found a bit of a nugget here in this blog at some point this past year about the Book of Matthew.

If you have found my blog useful, I’d sincerely appreciate any support you can give me. It helps me to keep going during the tough times (and there are many each and every year).

While there is no pressure to give as I know you all have other causes to support, I’d just like to throw it out there as an option.

Click HERE or I have a donation button on my sidebar that uses PayPal. It’s secure, and you don’t need a PayPal account.

Have a great summer if I don’t “see” you, be sure to sign up for BSF’s Study of the People of the Promise for next year, and drop a line if you have time sometime! I’d love to hear from you!