Trying to Discover God’s Path in My Life

I’m not a people person.  I’m just not.

I don’t like idle chit-chat.  I don’t like talking about things that don’t concern me (weather in NY, celebrities, hair trends, etc).  I have no patience.  Wasting time is one of my biggest pet peeves. Self-control is my hardest fruit of the spirit.

But, I feel prompted by God to start something–something that involves people–but I don’t know what.  I’m thinking a homeschool group when/if we move or a Bunko group or BSF or something.

Some days I’m gung-ho on this.  It’s all I think about (besides finishing my novel, kids, life, etc) and run through the numerous benefits and psyche myself up for it.  Other days, I have a melt-down or do something stupid and think, “What am I thinking?  I can’t work with other people!  I don’t even like these other people!”

So, I don’t know if God wants to stretch my comfort zone and make me more of a people person or if He’s trying to say, “Stop! Go back to book writing and leave the world of people to someone else!”

Any advice out there on interpreting God’s messengers?  Or maybe from someone like me:  a non-people person who thinks they might want to become one?