Bible Prayers: Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

Genesis 2:15 “And the Lord God took the man, and  put him into the garden of Eden to dress and to keep it.”       

Bible Prayers

The Lord God planted a garden of Eden. And there He put man who he had formed. Life in the garden of Eden would be life in the Kingdom of God. Lived in the presence of God, a place of grace and blessing upon humanity.

I am amazed at the immense variety of birds and animals and the beauty you created. The Garden of Eden, where you placed the first two human beings, Adam and Eve, was paradise. Everything about your creation was perfect. When you finished it, you said, “It was very good.” Imagine living in a world with perfect temperature, without sickness, no injustice, no poverty, being able to commune with you everyday with no separation, because there was no sin. This was life as God intended it to be and because of you, Jesus, I can look forward to someday living there. When everything here seems to be in chaos, please remind me that this is not my home.

Let me go into my heart and examine myself daily. No one knows when their time on this earth will end. Death approaches me everyday, I want to be prepared, ready to meet the one who died for me. I pray that the way I live my life will not bring shame when I stand in front of you.

I remember the first time that you revealed yourself to me. My enthusiasm, my joy! Lord, rekindle that love for you in me. May it never get cold. I earnestly pray to receive this grace.

I am saved. I have the hope and conviction of life after death. I also know that salvation means more than life after death. When I was saved, you touched me, Lord, something became possible in my life, not because of my power, but because of your power. I am saved and everyday continue to be saved. Your blood cleanses me as I walk through this world full of sin. I have access to you as a child has to its father. You knew me and knew that I would be yours before the foundation of the earth. Make me worthy, Lord.

By Lissette Trahan                                                 

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