My thoughts on eternity,
Hard to fathom how it will be
It is a promise God gave me
To live with Him eternally

God sent His Son, a sacrifice
The lamb of God, he gave His life
A price so great had to be paid
Couldn’t there have been another way?

I can’t explain or understand
Someday it will be revealed
How God had it all planned
Why Jesus came to intercede

Thank you Jesus for the cross
Without the cross I would be lost
When God looks down, what does He see
It is Your blood, that covers me.

Life with no pain, no grief, no tears
Age of no importance there
Faith gives me certainty
My life awaits eternity.

By :
Lissette Trahan

Comment on Eternity

I am a child of God. My eternal life will be in heaven.
I love to meditate and imagine how incredible my life will be.
Thinking of seeing Jesus face to face, to see the one who gave
His life for me makes my heart flutter with excitement.

Living in His presence for eternity.
No sin, no fear, no injustice. Only love.
I lead my life thinking of eternity. No matter what happens
in this life nothing will change the glorious future that awaits me.

All God has ever done in my life is shown me how much He loves me.
My part was to allow Him in.

It was His love that planned creation, that planned redemption.
It knows no failure. Nothing will change His plan or purpose.

As my friend Ken Cayce said. “The greatest gift that we could ever
receive is the gift of eternal life with Jesus. To know we would be
separated from Him for eternity would be more hell than I could bear.
The only life worth living is with Him.”

Ecclesiastes 3:11 NIV
He has made everything beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity in the human heart, yet
no one can fathom what God has done from
beginning to end.

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