Feedback on Website….

Hey all!

I changed the look of my site over the break and was wondering what you all thought.

Is it more readable?  More user-friendly?  What do you like about it?  What don’t you like about it?  Anything I could change?

Thanks in advance!

Have a wonderful weekend!

19 thoughts on “Feedback on Website….

  1. Like the look, but not the advertisement videos/sound which force me to turn off my computers sound or be disturbed in reading the BSF blogs

  2. Atoz, you know that I am one of your biggest fans. I have been following your blog for years.
    However, I would not be a true friend if I didn’t give you my opinion. One of the things that I most enjoyed about your ad was reading what others thoughts were on the lesson.

    Now it is complete chaos and confusion. I can’t get through one single comment without an ad interrupting and then you can’t even go back to where you left off. I wouldn’t mind the ads if they could come up after each comment.

    I hope I am wrong but as usual in your honesty you asked for an opinion. I still read your posts and as always they are enlightening and help clarify each lesson.

    I completely understand you wanting to get some monetary help for what you are doing. I just wish that the ads could be shown in a different way.

    Thank you for asking. It shows that you really care about what your readers think. I hope I am the only one that it bothers.

    Hugs and blessings.
    P.S. Other than the way the ads come up the website is beautiful. I love the writing style and the colorful scenery.

  3. It appears a bit more simple to navigate, but no matter how it looks I LOVE IT! You help me have deeper and richer understanding of the Scriptures every week. Thank you!


  4. A To Z Mom; You offer great Bible information but I suggest that you do not call BSF question, lesson 14, stupid. In your opinion it might be repetitive or unnecessary. You are a classy Bible operation and stupid does not fit you. Keep up the good Bible insight. May God give you great wisdom. Col John Kaylor USAF UAL Retired

  5. I love the background but i do not like the videos. I open your page and immediately hear the ad and cannot turn it off.

  6. Love the new font. Don’t mind ads that are QUIET but I often read you long after lights out here and these LOUD ads that automatically load and that resist being muted no matter how many times you click the mute are obnoxious. I’m willing to watch a silent ad with words scrolling. Your posts are part of my “peaceful” part of my evening. The noise is obnoxious. I realize you probably don’t control that. When I had a normal computer, it was super easy to mute but this annoying Apple drives me nuts because nothing is easy or intuitive like my brother-in-laws both claimed and it’s always more trouble than it’s worth. By the time I find the right key in the dark, my husband is awake. I avoid headphone because my hearing is already compromised. Anyway, I like the white background as it’s much cleaner and easier to read. I almost always agree with you in my head when you claim a question is redundant or even stupid but it’s not becoming of either of us even if I know Miss Johnson would probably agree with us 90% of the time. Miss Johnson was writing difficult and challenging questions for intelligent women who mostly did not work outside the home in the 1960’s and 1970’s. They came from Christian backgrounds, often already had strong church attendance, and had husbands in professional jobs. Today those women would be university professors, doctors, lawyers, principals, engineers, etc. Now, BSF is catering to a much more diverse population around the world many of whom do not have university educations, church attendance, or Christian backgrounds. I get extremely frustrated, too, and have seriously considered whether my time is up in BSF or whether I need to dig even deeper despite my frustrations and find more compassion and patience. I remind myself that BSF is a tool in the Christian tool belt. It is NOT our identity and it is not a cult or denomination. The redundancy is unfortunately necessary for many of today’s new Bible students. For every class of “old timers” who have taken everything that BSF offers multiple times and who have been sitting on pews, working in church nurseries and preschools, and chaperoning high school youth groups, and singing in the choir, there are classrooms getting fuller of people who really don’t have the historical understanding of the Bible or world history. People church shop, they attend huge non denominational rock band churches where it’s easy to get lost in the cafeteria offerings and never get a chronological sense of what’s going on, and even in some in-depth “book” offerings, the teacher often scolds those who try to share the scope because “you’ll confuse people.” BTW, that was actually said to me when I pointed out that the Twelve Tribes of Israel were NOT technically the twelve sons of Jacob/Israel. I’m one of those people who if an older adult had shared that with me, I would have been on the edge of my seat, pen in hand, listening and learning and going straight home to read more. Instead, everywhere you go, curriculum is dumbed down. Public schools, Catholic schools, Protestant schools, and name any denomination and their Sunday Schools which rarely exist anymore lack and what’s offered is pablum or suspect. Instead, people read the latest books by the latest preacher or evangelist or celebrity and “discuss” it with a cup of coffee in hand. Most people couldn’t tell you where Babylon was and what country is there today much less the rest of the world. They don’t know the history of Christianity, they haven’t read the Church Fathers, they don’t know the historic creeds, and I am going to shut up now because this is really about your new design. I like it. I like you. I’d rather the ads be on the sides but I don’t know if you control that. I don’t mind watching one for each day but would prefer that the sound not automatically load. Thank you for your service and research each week.

    1. Thanks, Sweet Mama (and how are you???)!

      I started laughing out loud at the “and I’m gonna shut up now….”

      Thanks for the feedback and unfortunately I have no control over the ads. They just play. I just hit my mute button on my computer, but I know it works differently when I’m logged in here.

      I will look into it though and see what I can do!

      Take care and hugs your way!

    2. I have just begun to read Miss Johnson’s autobiography, “Created for Commitment: the Remarkable Story of the Founder of the Bible Study Fellowship”. Although I am only a few chapters in, her first bible study was not to wealthy, educated Christian wives but rather in one of the “worst slum areas in Birmingham”. “It consisted of factory girls, extremely poor, who only knew the word ‘Jesus’ as a swear word.” It’s a very good book so far and I would highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in knowing how Bible Study Fellowship came to be.

      1. I find it confusing. I cannot navigate thru it. I liked the old way better. But I’m new at this and I enjoy what you have to say. You help me out a lot in understanding. Blessings.

  7. I like what you have done. It was good before and what you have done is great. You are a GODSEND to me and I follow you every week for the studies. You put real life understanding and application to the questions i might struggle with answering. You really are making disciples and you are glorifying OUR LORD. Be blessed and be a blessing.

  8. I guess I usually have my computer on silent.. so the sound never bothers me. And I don’t know where the ads are, they never pop up. Guess I am blessed. 🙂
    Thanks for doing your blog.
    I come to your blog after my whole lesson is done to get past my stuck parts and I like your honesty and opinions about the questions. I sometimes have similar thoughts and so do many of my BSF friends. I do have the last 2 cycle of lessons on Romans and compare the differences.
    Have a blessed day.

  9. I liked the complete lesson format better. Where I could read the entire week’s lesson’s answers without having to go to another page.
    So far I haven’t heard any ads, but I do have an ad blocker running.

    1. You should be able to scroll down the page and the entire lesson appears. Also, you can click on the sidebar under “BSF Romans” and the whole lesson appears as well. Hope that helps!

  10. Your website is easy to navigate and is a wonderful resource.

    Thank you for all you do! A real blessing.


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