“God is as Close to Us as our Breath”…

Saint Augustine Confessions

“And as constant.”  (Me)

5 thoughts on ““God is as Close to Us as our Breath”…

    1. I have sensed God’s presence even in my tiniest, most insignificant ruminations and thoughts….ESPECIALLY in my tiniest most insignificant thoughts. How wonderful is our God!

  1. We had our BSF share night yesterday. Our leader said going forward, there will be 30 weeks of lessons vs. 32. I think that is a great idea and wanted to share that news with you.

    Thanks for all you do. I really enjoy your perspective (especially when I have no idea where to start in formulating my answer!). I also appreciate the extra tidbits of information and references you provide.

    God bless you and your family with a refreshing summer!

    Karen Arnold

  2. That is sooooo wonderful!! We are preparing for a 6 wk trip out West, and God is always
    there waiting on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diane

  3. Thank you Jesus. This is My message. I’m going through a very trying moment I think God want’s me to know He is with me. I love You my God. It’s finished.

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