Help! I Lost My Voice…

It started on Tuesday after I had taught 3 classes.  My voice got crackly.  And then went hoarse.  The next day I couldn’t talk.  So I googled.  It says rest your voice as much as possible.  Drink plenty of fluids.  Use a humidifier.  Suck on cough drops.  “Soon” it’ll go away.

So I quit talking and started typing on my phone.  I type out my order at Starbucks.  I type out directives to my kids.  I text my husband instead of yell for him when he’s downstairs and I’m upstairs.

And now I wait.  And wait.  And wait.  It’s okay, but I have to work in a couple of days.  I pray it gets better.  I’ve been looking forward to this day as it’s a launch where we teach a new release for the first time.  We do it as a team and it’s very exciting.  But not if I can’t talk!

I’m asking God why.  And what is this supposed to teach me.  I’m not sick and I suspect it has something to do with the 18 years of second-hand smoke I had to breathe in from my mom smoking when I was a kid.

It’s very humbling and you realize how much you do take your voice for granted.  How much you communicate with it.  And how much it’s a pain not to have that ability.

So instead of me reading to my kids they read to me.  I have work to do which now has to wait.  So I’m resting.  Doing as little talking as possible.  Reading a book.  Watched a movie.  Anything to distract the mind.

I’m doing what my body is telling me to do:  rest.  Maybe that is God’s purpose after all.

19 thoughts on “Help! I Lost My Voice…

  1. I am prayerful. As I do realize EVERYTHING that happens is “purposeful.” Do get some rest! Thanks for all you do with your hands and mind to communicate.

  2. Although this isn’t ideal, what a wonderful opportunity to observe, rely on others, rely on your other abilities to communicate, listen internally to what God is sharing and hear the voice within. It will come back. Tea with some honey helps. Wishing you a quick and full recovery.

  3. I lost my voice several times while teaching elementary students. I just whispered😊

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  4. I went through something similar years ago. After recuperating from removing a cold-nodule around my vocal cord I got into a yelling argument with a sister in law. I could not talk for weeks, not a sound came out. It was frustrating and very humbling We can appreciate the blessings we have until we lose them. Enjoy your quiet time you will get through this. I also want to tell you how much your insight and knowledge of the bible has helped me. When I get confused and not been able to put my thoughts in order I open you BSF email, read your answer and comments and then go back to the bible passages and I can better see the meaning in them. Thank you for caring. >

  5. Sometimes God allows things (like broken ankle , lost voice) to cause us to slow down and hear what He had to say to us. We as humans get so busy and involved in things that we don’t take the time to slow down and really wait upon Him. Being laid up causes us to make time to really worship Him and hear Him.
    Then again. Sometimes we go through these things and can have more compassion on other people going through the same thing and witness as to how the Lord helped us through the difficult times.
    Will be praying that you will soon be able to speak again.

  6. Have you seen an ENT doc? Maybe it’s something as simple as a vocal cord nodule which they can detect after a laryngoscopy done in their office. Also they may put you on steroids for a short time to help the inflammation. I really have appreciated all you have done with the Revelation study! You have really filled in the gaps that BSF has left out with your excellent notes. BSF has certainly kept this study at a superficial, very personal level in their questions. Our discussions on Monday nights have dealt mostly with the personal questions that they have asked, and very little on the substance of the book of Revelation. At near the end of the study you might take a poll of your many bloggers as to whether this BSF study was better than expected, worse than expected, or about what they expected. Maybe the study will have “more meat” as we get into the second half!! Anyway thanks for all you do, and I will keep you on my prayer list.

    1. Thanks, Julia, for your feedback and your poll idea! Will definitely do so! Spoiler note: It doesn’t get better. Being hard core as I am, I do the questions on the website WAY ahead of time. The questions stay at the same level–maybe even worse. I’ve noticed when anything comes up that has more than one interpretation, BSF’s approach is just not to ask about it at all and leave it to the Teaching Leader if he or she wants to mention it or not.

      I’ve used the questions as jumping off point and they force me to study Revelation on my own. I wouldn’t do it if not for BSF. That’s the value to me.

  7. Don’t blame your mom for a cold that you got this week for her smoking many(?) years ago. Stuff happens…

  8. I don’t know who you are or where you are but I’m missing an AtoAMom lesson and I wondered if you could help me. I need Lesson 15 – Day 2. I can’t do my homework without you.

    Thanks, Barbara Southron

  9. I will pray for quick recovery of your voice, have you had your lungs check?
    In hope that everything is well, see a specialist. . I know God speaks to us in different ways, I need to pray for wisdom to understand his message, I just moved to Texas after living in California for almost 50 yrs. So far, I already have an accident, the person i had the accident with took off, three weeks ago i got a warning from the police that i was driving too fast, day before yesterday i got a real speeding ticket. yesterday fall and have a sore knee, which i thank God because every time i felt i brake a bone, Not this time, thank God, ever sense i got to Texas i just been going, here, going there, just go, go, go. As i was doing my BSF homework i realize that God is A) protecting me, and telling me to slow down and worship him on the mist of my challenges. So please pray for me too, i am a 64 yr years old woman and been divorce 3 yrs after 42 yrs of marriage. God is good I know, I am one of his, and you are too. He is protecting you as well. Take care and don’t over do it. Blessings to you and thanks for all you do to many of us.

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