His Blood


During my life I’ve had to forgive
It wasn’t easy, it took humility
Living with hatred was no way to live
I prayed and I pleaded, God, please help me

I know what His answer would be to me
Because of you my Son was there
Crucified so you could be free
His blood is now all that I see

When He shed His blood upon that tree
That is what Jesus did for me
There are no sins they are forgiven
All–past, present and future sin

It is His blood that sets me free
So I could have eternity

I can go now into God’s presence
No guilt or shame, I have been cleansed
Jesus’ blood covers me from all sin
Without His blood I’d be condemned

“It Is Finished”

Lissette Trahan


The Bible is clear. We are separated from
God because of our sin. Yet the Bible tells
Christians to come boldly into His presence.
What made the difference?

The Bible says
“Now in Christ Jesus you who were once
far off have been made near by the
blood of Jesus”

The blood of Christ Jesus does not just do away
with my sin, it saved me. It is the blood of
Jesus, that makes me acceptable to the Father.
It was His blood that removed the veil, that
removed the penalty of sin.Because of the blood
of Jesus my sins are forgiven.

Just as the blood of a lamb delivered the Hebrews from
the angel of death in Egypt, so Christ’s blood delivers me
from judgment.

Because of Christ’s blood I have
a new relationship with God.
No guilt, no shame.
Jesus’ blood covers me.

Ephesians 1:7
In him we have redemption through his blood,
the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with
the riches of God’s grace

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