I Am TIRED of Irresponsible Pet Owners…

It Doesn't Get Any Cuter!
It Doesn’t Get Any Cuter!

We are in the market for a new pet again.  My pup needs a friend to play with.  My son wants a cat.  So we head to the local humane society to look at kitties.  One we are interested in is 8 years old and cute as can be.  Very people-oriented.  Loved on all of us when we held her.

She was surrendered by her owner who had owned her since she was a kitten for one reason only:  she meows too much.  According to him, she meows so much he can’t sleep and the neighbors were putting notes on his door due to the noise.  I was disgusted.  A member of the family FOR EIGHT YEARS given up because it was an inconvenience to the owner.

One dog we saw on craigslist that was up for “rehoming” (which is such bull.  Rehoming should be “don’t want anymore”) because it wouldn’t walk on a leash without pulling and lunging for other dogs and the owner wanted a “nice” dog he could take to the dog park and not have to worry about.  They had owned this dog for two years.  Beautiful, full-blooded mastiff.  I was sickened as well.  And they want money!  They want to be rewarded for their ineptitude!

Pets are just like people–they come with individual personalities and problems.  One of our cats we got from the humane society likes people food and roams the counters all the time.  She is also our lap cat.  Our other cat does not like to be picked up but loves to sit in the bathroom with you and sleep next to you at night.  He lays in windows and purrs constantly.

Our puppy, like most puppies, has a chew problem.  She chews stuff left out.  She chewed our $3000 couch!  She also cries every time I leave the house.  But are we getting rid of her because of it?  Emphatically no!  She is a part of our family and I will love her and care for her till the end.  So are the older cats we adopted.

We are renters.  Our pets go with us.  I’m tired of posts on craigslist saying “I moved into an apartment and can’t keep my dog anymore.  She needs a yard to roam around in.”  Then you shouldn’t have gotten a dog in the first place!  Our dogs go with us (and, yes, even to apartments we have rented) no matter what.  I would never give them up.  Despite the sometimes outrageous pet deposits and the limited places to rent with pets.  Yes, I have had landlords hang up on me once they found out we owned mastiffs.  I don’t want to rent from them anyways!

The United States does not have a pet population problem–it has an owner problem.  Irresponsible owners who want pets only when it is convenient for them but give them up as soon as it becomes “inconvenient”.  As soon as a needy cat decides to meow because it’s left alone all day.  As soon as a dog is not a “trophy” dog and pulls too much.  As soon as the idea of work is involved and dog training is something “I don’t have time for”, the dog is gone and probably forgotten.

I am also tired of people thinking the rules don’t apply to them.  At soccer yesterday, no dogs are allowed at the soccer complex.  Yet here’s a lady, walking her boxer right by the sign that says “no dogs allowed”.  The scary thing is she has her 4 year old daughter with her.  What is she teaching her?  She’s just lucky we were too far away and I wasn’t dressed officially or I would have had to say something.

Whoever Said Cats and Dogs Don't Get Along?
Whoever Said Cats and Dogs Don’t Get Along?

Pets and dogs especially aren’t “show animals” that get you attention or make you feel better about yourself…

I’m just so saddened really.  And these are just two stories.  There are hundreds and probably thousands more.  My heart bleeds.  I want to rescue all of them and upbraid their owners but I can’t.  And the upbraiding I’m sure wouldn’t do any good.


Not for sure why I am sharing.  Venting really (and thanks for listening!) as I have no solution.  I wish I did…

I pray for these people that they’d have a change of heart.  I also pray they don’t get any more pets until they do.  I pray some day I’ll sell a book and can donate more money to unwanted pet organizations who rescue these animals and find them a forever home where they will be loved and cherished, idiosyncrasies and all.

For now, I do my part.  Trying to convince my husband we should adopt another cat (which would make three).  And get another dog (that would be three as well).  My husband is against the idea because we are renters and it’s not our home.

And I post my thoughts and my heart-ache to you all.  Which helps me.  And maybe encourages you to help where you can (either adopting or donating).  For collectively we can make a difference much more than individually…

For God gave Adam domain over all animals (Genesis 1:26).  And we need to honor that responsibility and care for God’s creatures.

Every living creature is precious in God’s eyes.  So should they be in ours as well.

14 thoughts on “I Am TIRED of Irresponsible Pet Owners…

  1. I feel your pain. I volunteer at a shelter and I see this all the time. People’s lives change and it doesn’t include their pets. So sad….but I think the pets are better off and we find better homes for them. The good news is there are more dedicated pet lovers and volunteers at our shelter than not so that is what gets me through. Thanks for sharing…..

  2. Your spirit is so beautiful and encouraging. I totally agree with you. Every cat we have ever had was given away by someone not willing to deal with the issues that go along with pet ownership. All the cats we have had were older when we got them. One was FIV positive, a beautiful loving, yellow fluffy kitty. Two were given away because the owners did not want to deal with the ailments they had and the one we have now, who is 16 and not too well, was given away because they could not stand the shedding of his beautiful long white fur….dah, did they not see this cat had long fur when they got it? I totally understand your frustration. Vent all you like, I will be there listening and will be a soft place to fall.
    Blessings to you and your family.
    P.S. Your prayers will reveal if you should get another dog and kitty.

  3. We adopted our Max from a shelter when he was about 8 months old and we love him. It was obvious he had been abused because I could hardly pet him down his back without him reaching around to nip at me. We’ve had him over 8 years and despite our love and affection he is still very aggressive when others come to our home, especially men. BUT he is still our Max. So when our 16 month old granddaughter comes over he has to stay in his kennel because we can’t trust him and we cannot take a chance with him…but he has a home with us forever…

  4. We rescued two of our three sweet pups and adopted the other from a lady who could “no longer keep her”. They all have their issues. One came from a house that hosted dog fights and has severe anxieties. One was found on the streets…she is sweet as can be but thinks she will never get another hug or bite to eat. The third is as sweet as can be – just hangs out and knows her place with the other two. Love them all…dog hair, messes and all. I appreciate your “vent” and all the organizations that do their part in finding these pups better homes. Keep venting…and keep praying.

  5. I so agree with you. I live alone with my cat and she is my best friend. She is there when I am not feeling good. When my Mom was ill and passed away she was there when I was sad. She greets me when I come home and talks a lot. She sleeps with me at night behind my legs. I live in a third floor condo and she loves the deck as it is screened in and can go out there when I am home and it’s warm enough. Otherwise her perch is in front of the door so she can keep track of the world. She just requires food, water, clean litter box and lots of love. So easy. I wish the world would realize what they are doing when they abuse them. Thanks for the blog.

  6. So true, your feelings about God’s gift to us of dominion over the animals. So wonderful to have a pet who loves unconditionally.
    I would also like to mention that we show Gods light when we make purchases of products that are not based on animal testing, fish caught in dolphin safe nets and especially purchasing meats of animals that were raised without cruelty.
    I hope everyone considers their dollar as their vote when they make purchases.
    If you are unclear about what ‘animal raised without cruelty’ then watch a move ilke Food Inc. and you will understand.

  7. I am owne by 3 dogs and 4 cats plus the 15-20 feral cats i feed daily. I just do not understand how anyone could give up a pet. It makes me sick too. Please tell your husband you can’t save all of them but you can give a loving home to two more. God bless you for all you do!

  8. God knows your heart and that’s what counts. Sometimes animals are just an extension of the way we treat people. So many people are hurt in divorce (the exspouse, the children, parents, in laws, friends split loyalties and even the pets). People have cold hearts and divorce for reasons no better than the Craig’s list ads. This is how I feel 2 yrs after this happened to my daughter and her pain is still healing.

  9. Thank you for this post!! I get so sick and tired of seeing pets on FB. Just this morning, I saw 3 cat “re-homing” posts. One said “I need to re-home them (2) before Friday when my little one gets back home.” What does that mean? You had a child but did not have custody the last 3 years and now you do? And now for some reason you can’t have 2 cats AND a kid? Another post was a woman who was re-homing because she had since had a baby and the cats were “marking” all the baby’s things. She said she wanted to get rid of them before the second baby arrived. She took them to a local shelter on Friday and when she checked back on Monday, they had killed them. She said she was devastated. Really?! What did you think would happen? Another one did not give a reason. I have asked people who posted their pets for re-homing (in a nice/tactful manner) the reason they needed to give up the pet. They get all defensive and say it’s non of my business. So, that tells me they just don’t want it anymore. Otherwise, if there was a good reason, they would not be ashamed to state it. I don’t think the FB community pages that are supposed to be for furniture, clothing, etc. should include pets.

  10. You’re article expressed my feelings about pet abondonment too. I was told by a couple people to “get rid” of my youngest cat because she started spraying. Because I pay attention, I figured out she was spraying out of insecurity and to exert some dominance or importance. I removed all urine smell out of the credenza where she sprayed and got a flower essence called holly (I read it helps calm animals that are jeleous, spraying and discontent). I was also going to buy a spray called feliway which I didn’t have to do. My initial plan worked and worked quickly. The other things I did were drape a piece of plastic that was probably left over from a matress and give each of my three cats attention in front of each other. It was to demonstrate equal importance and have their smell on each other in a positive way. She only went pee on the plastic once a few days after I started the prescribed methods and it never happened again. I gave the holly essence to each cat by putting a few drops on my hand and rubbing their faces. They licked it off, smelled it and were all much more calm. I would never give up easily on my kitties.

    1. I am also grateful to the veterinarian who performed life saving surgery on my Smarty when she swallowed something not good for her.I’m also grateful my heart is not like those who told me that is “too much money”. Those words certainly don’t speak to me. Thank you again for expressing your feelings. It resonated with me.

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