I Can’t Quit (Even Though I’d Like To)…

I was in the middle of my second novel re-write when I got a critique back from a writing contest I had entered.  The critique was bad.  I was missing an “inciting incident” (which I had to look up. It’s the central conflict of the story and the moment the main character is forced to act and we learn what he or she wants the most).  The plot and dialogue were shakey to put it nicely.  But my novel “has a ton of potential” and “could be interesting”.


So I immediately stopped work on it and thought what else I could do with my life instead.  Read my books instead of kids books.  Teach (didn’t get that job either).  Or piddle-paddle around through life.  I was depressed about it to say the least and ready to quit altogether.

Finally, I realized while swimming the other day that God keeps closing doors He doesn’t want me to go down, but this writing door remains open.

While searching the Internet aimlessly (something I’m wont to do when I’m feeling down in the dumps), I read articles on writing.  One article said that a writer is someone who can’t quit writing.  Someone who feels compelled to write no matter the amount of rejection or the lack of success.  Someone who can’t do anything else but write.

That’s how I feel.  Something inside of me is still pushing me to write even though I don’t want to.  I can’t kill it.  It’s a desire that’s there and won’t go away.


So I guess I’ll keep writing (not that I have a choice about it).  And maybe some day this novel that will enter its third (and God-willing final) re-write will go somewhere.  That’s my prayer at least. While the door is still open…

17 thoughts on “I Can’t Quit (Even Though I’d Like To)…

  1. You go girl…..I know God has great plans for you. Keep on writing and persevering, and remember, God’s timing is not our timing. When your novel does come out and I am reading it, I will say, “I know her, she is one terrific writer and lady!”

  2. Keep on writing and I will be praying that God allows those words to flow from your mind, to your heart and onto your paper! GO GIRL!!

  3. When will you start your BSF Exodus review? Couldn’t have done last year without you. thanks again

  4. Don’t give up! God has given you a talent and He wants you to use it. Your blog given me perspective on the BSF lesson questions. Your summaries for each section of the lesson are well-written. So, keep on trying — the Holy Spirit will lead the way!!!

  5. I’ve been reading your blog for several months, and I just love it. I’m also a freelance copy editor who specializes in working with first-time authors. If you’d like me to take a look, I’d be happy to help. But whatever you do, keep writing!

  6. Have you ever written short stories for a newspaper or mag? Many writers started this way.

  7. Don’t quit writing…listen to the voice of God. He has plans for your writing skills.

    We live by faith, and faith lives by exercise. William Gurnall

  8. Hi sister, I can tell Jesus put it as one of the desires of your heart. I have a passion for horses and music and running, it’s something I can’t turn off because The Lord wills to keep working in it, even when there were times I questioned whether He could use those things in my life. Be blessed sister, stay strong in The Lord, I’ll pray about this

  9. Don’t quit. I’ve been writing your emails for at least 2 or 3 years and love reading them. From reading them, I’m impressed about how good you explain everything. I’m interested as I read them. You do have that God given talent to write. I’m a Christian and read novels that are Christian based. I will be interested in buying and reading your novel. Please continue to get it completed.

    God bless,
    Kay Butler

  10. Just want to tell you that back in the 90’s a very popular writer attended the same church we did. He had submitted a manuscript to so many publishers and was always rejected. He rolled up all the rejection letters and then unrolled them in front of the congregation one day after his book was finally accepted by Thomas Nelson. The rejection letters spread from one side of the church to the other, but he never gave up. Now he is a very successful, well-known writer and speaker with fourteen books on the market. Don’t lose heart for if God is in this, you will succeed.

  11. Stephen King received 30 rejections on his first book, Carrie. So he gave up and threw it in the trash. His wife pulled it out of the trash and encouraged him to submit it again. The rest is history. Don’t ever give up! By the way, I am so grateful for your emails and how well you explain everything. Thank you!

  12. God closes doors He does not want you to enter. He also leads you slowly and carefully to that one door He wants you to find and enter. I am now retired and still seeking THAT door with the realization that God’s timing is perfect but as St Peter notes: “With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” During my working years I tried to enter many diverse doors including Seminary, Public School Teacher, Technical Writer, Systems Engineer, Novel Writer and Blogger. Each door opened only enough to allow me to peek in and observe how God was working in my life. Yet none of those doors opened far enough for me to enter and make myself at home. Even though I trusted God to lead me, I did have doubts whenever careers that I enjoyed just slipped away from me. Now, at age 71, I am beginning to see God’s purpose in having me pass through so many diverse careers without letting me stay in any of them too long. It was to give me a world view that few of my contemporaries could hope to experience. Like the main figures in the Bible, I had no idea where it all would lead until I could begin to connect the dots on God’s timeline for me. At the time none of the experiences I was having–many of them difficult–did not seem to have any sustaining value. Now I am able to see the mosaic image appear. What once seemed like small chips of worthless colored glass now comes together in a 3-dimensional image of who I am and why God put me here. It would take a book to explain this but that is not my message to you. I simply wanted to let you know that God has a Plan for every one of us. We may not be the central focus of that Plan. We may simply be God’s instrument of grace to others. Moses never got to enter the Promised Land but God’s Chosen People did thanks to the leadership of Moses. Now Moses lives on through them, and we Christians live on through Jesus who was one of them. We are part of the living body of Christ. So do not get discourages when your Novels go unpublished, or your Blogs begin to lose their power to attract readers. They are merely the small chips of colored glass God is using to create your mosaic and those of the thousands of souls you have influenced.

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