I Write What I Can

And I never think about what I’m doing until afterwards.  I write the stories I can write.  This is paraphrasing Katherine Paterson again.

This makes me feel so much better.  I often think how writers infuse deep meaning into their works but I just can’t ever seem to sit down and do it.  I just write and follow the thread of my characters and see where it leads me.  There is really no planning to it.  Then I wonder if I’ve said anything at all relevant.

Now I know I will write my stories how I see them.  Someone else will write something completely different.  That’s what makes us unique.  The meaning will come of itself.  No one can steal your novel from you–you can only write yours.

Time after time, writers stumble blindly upon the very secrets that will serve to unlock the story they are currently struggling with.  (Katherine Paterson).  This is true for me.  I get ideas that just pop out and end up right where they need to be.

If you let living people into a story, they will move each other.  If you put in constructed characters, you’ll have to do the moving yourself.  The reader won’t be fooled. (Katherine Paterson)

Writing is a form of self-judgment.  See truth that cannot be observed directly.

My job is to write.  Your job is to get meaning out of it.

What is there in the psyche that prevents you from writing something for years, and then suddenly, without any warning, tells you that the time is ripe?  A writer must write about what impinges on her own life, not try to guess what will be important.

The gift I have been given is a limited one.  We must be true to the gift God has given.  We must try to give back something of what we’ve been given.  And a writer has no life to give but her own. (Paraphrasing Katherine Paterson again)

2 thoughts on “I Write What I Can

  1. I hear ya. If I start thinking about the deeper meanings of what I write while I’m writing them, I know it will paralyze me. So I don’t. 🙂 It always surprises me, though, what my critique group and writing instructor find in my work. Stuff I never intended that somehow crept through anyway. That tricky subconscious mind at work. 🙂 Thanks for this post. I especially like that last quote from Katherine Paterson.

  2. divine……excellent work….
    TENNIS = 6-0,6-0 =LOVE GAME
    TENNIS =
    A match between two players, end with a result 6=0,6=o,6=o. the player who lost the match , first slam the racket on the ground and does not shake hand with the winner also warmly.
    As he is packing his stuff , a child ball picker returning, the racket left on the ground , ask the player why are you so disappointed, do not you know? I lost the match ,player replies.
    Child inquires with what score ? player replies ,are you not here ?,
    child says my job is to pick the balls, not the score.
    player sadly answers, 6=LOVE,6=LOVE, 6=LOVE
    Child says you should have thanked warmly the winner.
    any good reason for this comment, inquires the player ?
    Child replies calmly,because winner left love in your account.

    Accepts the gift of love with grace then leave the race of losing and winning and alive grace to play as divine’s ace.

    writing is divine gift…….enjoy it….

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