If God Brings You To It, He Will Bring You Through It

Life doesn’t always turn out how you plan, does it?  Take me for example:  I always thought I’d be a high-power business woman, jetting across oceans and making deals that would change the way business operated.

Yet, here I am:  a mother of three beautiful babies whose dream now is to become a published writer.

Would I ever have imagined that back in high school?  No way!

Then there’s the path I’ve walked so far:  been married, great life, husband’s business fails, declared bankruptcy, lost everything, moved all over the country, husband struggling in the job market–to here–living in an apartment complex surrounded by people on power trips.

All of this serves a purpose.  One, it has made me a hell of a strong person.  Two, it is great writing material.  Three, it has made me who I am, at this moment, sitting here typing this.  And I kind of like who I am.

God has brought me to all of these moments (good and bad) and so far I’ve made it through all of them.  And I will survive apartment living for the next few months until we can either lease/option a house or rent for another year.  It will all work out in the end.

Funny though: in the moment it sucks and afterwards it was no big deal.

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