Letting Go of a Work

Always when I begin a new project, it becomes my sole focus.  So much so that my other works drop off into oblivion and I could care not if they were published or even picked up.

I can’t shut my mind off from writing.  Just now, I closed my computer and am back at it not 5 minutes later.  Sleep is my only rest but even then I have strange, listless dreams.  New projects consume me.  They take hold of me like a polar bear to its prey, determined not to let go until the deed is done.

I kind of wish a literary agent would be a polar bear in terms of my work.  Or even better: maybe an audience?

Pshaw!  I’m writing again and feeling alive again as I create.  I wonder if all artists feel this way when they are emerged in their medium?

My projects are not forgotten, just on the back burner.  Their time will come when my new project winds down (as most of you know, I hate editing so I’m sure I will resurrect these as a procrastination technique).

Time to get back to work!

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