Motivational Quotes: Shonda Rhimes

“You can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.”

Shonda Rhimes

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  1. I don’t think Shonda Rhimes is a person that I would want motivational quotes from. See below what she produced on the TV Show Scandal. I love your blog but really felt I just had to bring this to your attention.

    ABC’s ‘Scandal’ shows abortion being performed during ‘Silent Night’ (video)

    Hollywood, Scandal Tv Show, Shonda Rhimes

    HOLLYWOOD, November 20, 2015 ( LifeSiteNews) – Last night’s episode of the ABC show “Scandal” depicted the main character having an abortion as the soundtrack played “Silent Night.” It closed by playing “Ave Maria.”

    In between, it lionized a first lady turned U.S. senator who filibusters a bill to reduce taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood – something that earned it praise from the real life abortion provider.

    Like many series produced by Shonda Rhimes “Scandal,” currently in its fifth season, has never shied away from a graphic depiction of sex. But the abortion plot point came as a swerve to the series’ fans, who did not know the main character was pregnant.

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