Pithy Prayer July 10th, 2018

Most kind Jesus, grant me your grace so it might be with me and work with me and remain with me to the end. Grant me always to desire and want what is most acceptable and pleasing to you. Let your will be mine and let my will always follow yours, and be in perfect accord with it. Let what I want always be what you want.

Father, I know my sin, my rebellion, and my unfaithfulness have hurt you and your cause today every bit as much as the sins of those in the Bible hurt in the past. Please forgive and strengthen me as I seek to live a life holy and pleasing to you and a blessing to those around me.

Almighty God, your Son Jesus is my strength and hope. I look forward to the day when he returns in triumph for me and all of your children. But Father, I want to know him better and to live for him with an undivided heart. I want to find rest in his presence, meaning in his service, and significance in his acceptance. Please bless me as I journey toward a deeper relationship with you and as I gain a more profound knowledge of your Son.


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