Review of Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting

Introductory Note:  I purchased these on my own.  I did not receive a free copy to review.  Hence, these are my honest opinions and assessments on the curriculum.

My kids started this in their charter school and I continued it for this year.

I like it much better than traditional cursive.  It is much, MUCH easier to read and in this day and age of computer technology legibility is more important than style.

My kids love doing the student books and I have not purchased any teacher’s manuals.  The books are self-explanatory and if you follow alongside them you will learn the rules of handwriting as well.

The books are instructive as well.  Book C teaches the months, seasons, and sayings.  Book D teaches the planets, days of the week, and even a poem.  Much more is included as well.

We did books B, C, and D so far.  Book C begins cursive and continues throughout the other levels.

Conclusions:  Even though computers are everywhere I believe it is still important to be able to write legibly.  These books are relatively cheap (less than $10 a piece) and a great alternative is you are not interested in the looped, old-fashioned cursive.  I always hated cursive when I did it in school but this is actually fun!  I emailed the company with some questions and Barbara Getty herself responded!  How cool is that!  Highly recommended.

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  1. My Daughter is in Ks and her three young girls are in school. My daughter informed me they no long teach cursive in school.due to computers. I asked my other daughter about this as my grandson is in WA and she told me the same thing. I remember when I was going to school learning cursive. My problem was spelling and so to make up for my bad spelling I would make my cursive sloppy so no one could noticed all my missed spelled words…..

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