Special Prayer Request

Hey all!

I have a special prayer request for myself.

I have an opportunity for a promotion at work. I just need God’s hand upon me, especially in the interview, which I am usually bad at.

Appreciate it!

God bless!

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  1. How to interview

    First truly Understand the question ask a question about the question till you understand what they are asking Now Your answer, describe the situation ,then the task the action you took then give the result. Then stop talking you are done

    Prayers your way Al


  2. Praying for the Lord to make your interview perfect.. as only He can! Rest in the assurance He will be with you before during and after the interview ♥️ In Jesus’s name I ask this prayer to be answered… Amen

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  3. Praying for you, for a peace about your interview. God will direct us when we ask. Donna

    Donna Henderson Territory Manager AHR Genentech BioOncology 251-751-0784

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  4. Just prayed for you and pray now that Gof will
    Open and close doors as He sees fit – and that his peace will go with with you during the interviews and with all outcomes 🌺💜

  5. Praying for God’s guidance in helping you make your decision on your work promotion. Sent from my iPhone


  6. God be with you and best of luck tomorrow in your interview. My daughter in law was nervous about her recent interview for promotion at Fossil Corp. She did wonderfully!


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  7. Have never commented here before but felt compelled to let you know that I’m praying for your interview process. Peace of mind, clarity of thoughts and speech, and comfort in the knowledge that God’s will be done. Thanks for allowing us to participate …

  8. Good morning, I have just prayed for you young lady, I say young lady because I am 80 yrs old. I have followed followed for so many years. God bless you and your family. You can call me JJ or Jean

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  9. On October 6, you yourself answered your own prayer: God has you in the palm of His hand just like He had Noah in His care. Trust in the Lord for there’s no other way. Turn the interview over to God and allow Him to intercede on your behalf. How the interview unrolls will be the exact way God has it planned. If it doesn’t go according to your preconceived expectation it’ll go exactly according to His and you will be the recipient of His diagram. Go in relaxed and confident that He is the director, not you. You’ll emerge victorious. No luck needed ‘cause God has you exactly where you need to be!

  10. Prayers for calm, confidence and success in your interview tomorrow. I’m asking God to guide you throughout the day, especially in all your interactions with your potential future employer. God Bless

  11. You’ve been so faithful sharing God’s word. I hope He Is clear with His answer and you are at peace with the answer. Besides that…..good luck. We’ll be praying for you.

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  13. atozmom –

    Pray/Know this – the Holy Spirit will guide you thru the interview…all is well! Blessings!! T


  14. Pretend in your interview that you are just Talking to Jesus like you do every day. He will Bless you with a good interview.

    Some people look at the interviewer’s forehead. He or she will think you are looking in their eyes. And smile!! Good Luck! If it is meant to be yours, God will say it is so!

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