Stories From the New Testament with Masterwork Paintings…

Stories from the New Testament with Masterwork Paintings is a kid’s book published by Simon & Schuster for Young Readers.  This book follows the life of Jesus from the moment Mary was told by Gabriel she was to bear God’s Son until Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Bible excerpts are taken using the King James Version and accompanied by famous paintings from Renaissance artists such as Titian, Tintoretto, Botticelli, Veronese, and others.

Stories From the New Testament
Stories From the New Testament

Highly recommended both as a synopsis of Jesus’ life and as a study of artists as well.  I love seeing how artists picture in their minds the events of Jesus’ life.  The only reservation I have about this is that is it the King James version so reading it out-loud to my kids was a bit boring at times due to the barrier of the language.  My six year old son just liked the pictures.  My older girls thought it difficult to understand.

I love art.  I love studying art.  I love famous artists.  And I love Biblical scenes.  Worthwhile even as a flip-through and perfect accompaniment for BSF’s Study of Matthew.

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  1. I like you like Art and stories from the Bible, if those stories are the Old King James it is hard for kids to understand, I have the NIV, a bit easier to know about, my wife got me a New King James study Bible and it is better. I might have to get that book of Jesus’ life. I do want to thank you for the stuff in BSF, it helps to think better and come to my own idea’s that I can put down every week. Ron Oliver

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