Summer Devotional August 28th, 2017

Jeremiah 22:3:  “This is what the Lord says:  Do what is just and right.”

This can be hard to do in every day life.  Treating others fairly.  Putting aside your pride.  Paying for the tickets someone forgot to charge you for.  Standing up for someone.  Or quitting your job because of dubious practices. Keep in mind God is with you every step of every day to do what is just and right in this very Fallen world.  Remember Him and these decisions will be easy.

4 thoughts on “Summer Devotional August 28th, 2017

    I looked around the world today
    Chaos, Confusion, Disarray
    The pain and sorrow, hurt and care
    Lord, “What is happening out there?”
    What’s happened to the unity
    That stood for home and family
    Where did the love and honor go
    A child to parents used to show?
    Abortion, Drugs, Adultery
    Are words this generation knows
    Corruption’s all that I can see
    Lord, “Are you really in control?”
    The Faith and Hope and Charity
    This nation had and used to share
    Where has it gone, it used to be?
    We perish Lord, Why don’t You care?
    This world You died and suffered for
    Does it not need you anymore?
    I fear that it’s so blind to see
    Are we repeating history?
    Son of David, have mercy on me
    Incline Your ear, please hear my plea
    I know nothings too hard for you
    For they don’t know Lord what they do
    Pour forth Your spirit – awake the dead
    Those stony hearts will turn instead
    Your grace and love will mightily
    Do miracles Lord, as you did for me.
    By Lissette Trahan

  2. Amen!!! Great devotional. Thank you for all your summers devotional. Have a great and blessed week.

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