The Beauty of Aesop

Aesop, believed to have been a Greek slave who lived around 600 BC, accomplished what most writers can only dream of:  longevity.  He wrote timeless, meaningful pieces that have been told and retold for over 2500 years now.  Wow!

I was reading a collection to my kids when one particularly hit me.  It’s called The Lion and the Donkey.  It is a very short but the point hit home.

A lion is walking through a forest and all the other animals are making way for him except for the donkey who brays a scornful remark.  At first the lion was angry until he realized it was only the donkey, a fool, who had spoken.  He walked quietly on, not even deeming to respond.

Moral:  Do not resent the remarks of a fool.  Ignore them.

I wish I could do that.  I do take things so personally.  I couldn’t get over 30 comments of people telling me where to go in my newspaper column.  I just couldn’t.  The same with this blog.  The hurtful things people have said in the past still stings.

Part of me wishes I would.  But the other part doesn’t.  Because I think it’s this part that makes my writing better than average.  That makes it unique.  That tells the story as only I can.  That will one day fulfill my dream.  And purpose in this fleeting life.

This is at least what I cling to.  Hope.  God.  Family.  Purpose.