Do the End Times Really Matter?

In BSF, our leader talks a lot about the end times, the Apocalypse, the second coming, and signs in the Bible.  I tend to tune out when she does.  Why?

No one knows when Jesus is coming again.  Period.  The Bible is very, very vague.  We know it’s going to happen.  Yet man has this need to predict the future (something only God can do) so man tries to tell us, “The End is Near!”

Here’s my view:  If I’m ready for the Second Coming and so is my family, does it really matter when it happens?  Sure, it’d be great to be here when Jesus comes again.  But if He doesn’t, I’ll see Him soon enough in Heaven.  So why worry about it?  The Bible tells us not to worry about anything.

I’m glad that Isaiah told us to expect the Messiah and Revelation reveals what’s going to happen once Jesus does return.  It gives me hope when the world is in chaos.

Yet, I don’t dwell on it.  I don’t sit around worrying.  I try to take my life day by day and strive to be like Jesus.  I’ve learned even planning for the future can sometimes fall apart as quick as a stock market fall.

We don’t have TV in my home.  I get all my news off the Internet and lately I’ve barely been reading it.  I just can’t stand it.  One, I think it has become a bit of an idol in my life (the Computer in general) so I’m trying to limit my time on the Internet.  And two, I can barely stand reading the tragedies around the world, the idiocy of our government, and celebrities who have nothing better to do than ruin their lives and their families.  It drives me insane and I got enough of that in my life already!

So when my BSF leader asks if we’re paying attention to the signs, my reply, “No.  I’m not.  I got other things going on.”

I believe in my heart Jesus will come again.  I don’t really think it will happen in my lifetime but if it does I’ll be ready.  Through my daily life and not through any other special preparation or worry.

Any other thoughts?