“When Have You Realized that Jesus’ Plans for Your Life Were Different from What You’d Expected?”

This is a question in the sidebar of my study Bible and I had to laugh.

Let’s see:  where should I start?

If you have lived any length of time on this planet, you will see how your plans are not God’s plans.

It’s fun to think back to your dreams as a little kid; how innocent and naive the mind was; how wondrous the world was; how all of that changes as you grow and experience life and learn.

How in your adult life you let go a little more each day and let whatever be, be.

How you watch your kids and the simplicity in their lives and think of when your life was not so complicated.

How you know one day none of the hardships will matter and all that will endure will be God’s plan.

How I know sitting here in my bed with my 3 year old cuddled beside me (he usually crawls in with me in the early morning), my old dog sprawled on the bed leaving dog hair in my husband’s spot, a fly buzzing around, and my Bible lying on the night stand where I just placed it is merely a drip in time.

These drips that I lap up so eagerly.

All God’s plan.

After all, how could my little mind have ever planned any of it?

Certainly not the complex human body, the mechanisms it takes to fly, nor the words on a page that were written just for me–a nobody yet a somebody.

To Him.

The Only One that Matters.