Am I a Freak?

Lately, I have been wondering how others spend their time.  Then I think on how I spend my time…

In the mornings, I get up.  I frequently work out.  Then I do my bible study.  I check the news on the Internet.  Do miscellaneous things that demand my attention like laundry or dishes or pay the bills.  Pray…

Then I work on my novel.

I labor over this thing like it’s a work of art.  I just spent an hour and a half today editing 2 pages, agonizing over word choices, looking up definition and synonyms, until I deem it perfect before I move on.  Frequently, I return to the same passage the next day and re-read it just to make sure.

I ask myself Why? and wonder what others do with their spare time.  I think of what else I could be doing.  Reading adult books instead of kids books.  Cleaning.  Cooking.  Planning something or other that I’m sure needs to be planned.

My neighbors watch TV every morning.  I see it on through their blinds.

Then I think No, there is nothing else I want to be doing than this.

Frequently, I feel selfish about it especially when my husband is home.

But I have this hope, this deep desire within that one day soon I will be published.  One day I will go to Barnes and Noble and buy my own book.  One day soon I can call myself a “writer” instead of a “blogger”.

And it is this that drives me.  That keeps getting me up at God-awful hours of the morning.  That tires me out and I go to bed early.

And that embraces the term “freak”.  For if that be what I am, then why not?

We all probably have something we are a freak about.  So what’s your thing?  And how do you spend your precious spare hours?

Why Should You Blog?

Blogging is a catharsis really.  It allows you to put your thoughts on paper and maybe realize some things about yourself you wouldn’t have otherwise.  You can organize your goals as well as think deeper on something you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Blogging is what you make of it.  I use it as a tool and a record of where I’ve been and a guide for where I’m going.  I’ve gotten some great comments on others’ thoughts I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

It’s a stress reliever and helps with my sanity when I’m having a mommy moment.

I’m hoping my blog at some point helps others, even if just to show them they are not alone in their trials in this world and maybe to see it from another perspective.