Stone Soup

Stone Soup by Jon J Muth illustrates beautifully what can happen when people work together.

It tells the tale of three monks who visit a town and are turned away by all when they knock on their door for charity.

So, they begin to cook stone soup in the middle of the town square.  The villagers, curious as to what they are doing, all begin to ask them questions.  Soon enough they are all pitching in items “needed” to make the soup better.

They have a huge town feast and everyone shares the town soup. The monks are lodged that night and the whole town turns out in the morning as they depart, saying “You have shown us that sharing makes us all richer.”

Great version of a timeless tale about sharing and working together to make something better.  Also, how something wonderful can be made from nothing.

Jon J Muth also wrote one of my favorite kids books, The Three Questions, which is the story of a boy trying to figure out the answer to three questions about life.