The King With Horse’s Ears

In this delightful rendition of a classic Irish folktale by Erid Maddern, we encounter a king named King Mark who was born with horse’s ears.  He keeps his abnormality a secret from all but the barber who of course must know since he cuts the King’s hair.

Well, the barber is going sick with keeping the secret so on the advice of a doctor he tells the ground his secret.  Relieved, this secret turns into reed plants which are cut by musicians to make pipes.  These musicians just so happen to be playing before the King where the reed pipes play the barber’s words for all to hear.

His secret out, the king is at first embarrassed and then angry.  Yet no one laughed at the King.  Instead, they wished to see his ears.  The King removed his crown and everyone clapped upon seeing them.  They were proud of him and therefore he was proud of himself.

The story ends, “So, if you have something unusual about you, don’t be ashamed, be proud.  Just remember:  you are the only one of you there is!”

I thought this a great lesson for kids these days who are under so much pressure to conform instead of embracing their God-given uniqueness.