Do You Get Discouraged Easily?

I do.  Probably too easily.

Especially when it comes to my writing.  I just don’t have the confidence in my abilities to do it “right” I guess.

My blog.  My column.  My unpublished works.  Is any of it really good or are people just being nice?  Does any of it serve a purpose?

Diane lovingly told me my heart’s on my sleeve and I am too sensitive.  This is true.  Have been my whole life.  I don’t like criticism.  It cuts something deep for whatever childhood reason.

Yet I keep doing it.  Can’t stop really.  Prompted by God.  Or seeking some kind of approval or validation.  From others.  From Him.  Like a published book in print.  “Then I’ll truly be a writer.”

Got my answer though to BSF postings from BSF themselves buried in the notes for Lesson 2.  Paraphrasing it says technology has opened up previously closed doors to sharing the gospel with others all over the world.

All of this has a purpose and a reason for preparing me for whatever God has in store for me in the future.

And I believe this of you all as well.  We’re all here.  Learning from each other. Encouraging each other.  Sharing our life’s frustrations and desires and our walk. Fighting the Devil every step of the way.  Growing.  Maturing.  Being.

I pray for you all daily; that you find whatever you are seeking (be it here or elsewhere) and you continue marching forward doing God’s call on your life despite the inevitable setbacks and complications that accompany us all.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Fatima the Spinner and the Tent

Fatima the Spinner and the Tent by Idries Shah is a kids book, which I thought was a re-telling of Fatima in A Thousand and One Nights but this is a different Fatima.

In the story, she is taught by her father to spin and then she is ship wrecked and her father dies.  She is taken in by a family who teaches her to weave.  Then she is kidnapped and sold as a slave.  Her new master teaches her to make ship’s masts.  Then she is ship wrecked again in China.  But the Chinese have a legend that says a foreign woman would on day arrive and make a tent for the Emperor.  Of course, this is Fatima who uses all of the skills she learned (spinning, weaving, and mast-building) to make a tent.  She marries a prince and is happy the rest of her days.

After she got ship wrecked on China:  “She wept bitterly, for she felt that nothing in her life was working in accordance with expectation.  Whenever things seemed to be going well, something came and destroyed all her hopes.”

“Why is it,” she cried out, “that whenever I try to do something it comes to grief?  Why should so many unfortunate things happen to me?”  But there was no answer.

How many times have we thought the same things and cried out to God with no immediate answer.

“So, she picked herself up from the sand and started to walk…”

Isn’t this what we all do?

Last page, “It was through these adventures that Fatima realized that what had appeared to be an unpleasant experience at the time, turned out to be an essential part of the making of her ultimate happiness.”

I couldn’t help but think of God here.  It is so true.  We go through life, learning things along the way, lessons He wants to teach us, and every thing combines for our happiness, something God desires for us.

I’m reminded of the song, Your Love Never Fails that says, “You make all things work together for my good.”

I love books like these, especially kids books.  I love kids books I think because my mother never read to me so I get to read all these stories along the way.  My oldest loved this story.  It was the first book she picked out to read last night.

These stories are so essential for learning–stories that show how despite hardships it all works out in the end and these hardships all had a purpose–to give Fatima the skills she needed, which led to her happiness–or to extrapolate–which led to God’s purpose for her.

Everything we go through is for a purpose–His purpose.  We just have to try and remember that in the midst of heartache.

Awesome stuff!