“Each of us has a unique destiny, sire,” said Merlin, “There’s much to be gained by understanding your role in life and much to be lost by ignoring it.”

Merlin is speaking to King Arthur of course in this book by Hudson Talbott. Arthur has grown bored with merely ruling a kingdom and he is yearning to go on quests and adventures like the rest of his knights.

There is much wisdom here.  We all do have a role ordained by God and understanding it is crucial to happiness here.

Merlin again imparts wisdom to his young protege:  “Sooner or later we must all face a defeat.  Greatness lives in one who knows how to learn from victory or defeat and goes on to carry out his duty.”

For me, I face little defeats every day.  But it’s the ability to keep trudging along, keeping in mind our life’s purpose, that defines me.

And if I had to guess, probably the same goes for you as well.

Great kids book.  I love the classics and King Arthur is one of my favorites. Hudson Talbott has a few of these gems (we just finished Lancelot) that are beautifully illustrated and short enough to read in one sitting.  My favorite page has a picture of a Questing Beast and he’s so cute!  I’ve always had a soft spot for dragons (Remember my Puff the Magic Dragon post?) and this guy is part dragon, part deer, part cheetah.  But very friendly!  Highly recommended.