Pithy Prayer July 19th, 2018

Image result for giving one's life for anotherThank you for being there in my past when all others forsook me. Thank you for being there when I was unaware of your presence until I looked back and saw the evidence of your grace. Please give me courage to truly believe your promises, especially this one about always being there.

Sovereign Lord of all creation, Thank you for your incredible love for me. While I know I don’t deserve your overwhelming and generous grace, I rejoice in it. While I know my best attempts at honoring you fall short, thank you for promising to welcome me into your presence, care for me and comfort me when I come home to you. Your love, O Lord, is beyond my comprehension and exhausts my appreciation while filling my heart with wonder and praise.  I thank you dear Father, for your wonderful and extravagant blessings. All that I have, all that I am, and all that I ever hope to be exists only because of the mercy or grace you have lavished upon me. Thank you, Jesus, for your incredible sacrifice.


Summer Devotional: Psalm 86:11

Image result for undivided heartPsalm 86:11:  “Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.”

We cannot serve two masters.  We are stronger together.  Stay united for Jesus.  One heart.  One soul.  One mind.

Summer Devotional: Song of Songs 8:6

Song of Songs 8:6:  “Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave.  It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.”

Love.  Please, please, please love.  Otherwise, you are dead.

Image result for love death grave

Last Prayer Requests for the Summer!!

Hey all!

This will be my last prayer request post for the summer so if something is on your heart either now or long term, please share!  Either post in the comment section below or email them to me at atozmom.wordpress@gmail.com

I’m wishing you a fun-filled summer and many blessings!

Prayer Requests for Week of April 22nd, 2018

Hey all!

As always, please leave your prayer requests in the comment section below or email them to me at atozmom.wordpress@gmail.com and I’ll get them up asap.

Prayer requests for my husband for advancement in his profession and for me to find a career.

Have a blessed and amazing week ahead!

The Two Most Difficult Things to Get Straight in Life…

…are our understanding of God and our understanding of love.  The mess in people’s lives can usually be traced back to a screw up in one or both of these areas.  Christians hold that these two are intricately linked.  If we want to deal with God the right way, we have to learn to love the rich way.  If we want to love the right way, we have to deal with God the right way.  God and love can’t be separated.

John’s letters explain just this through the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus provides the true and full understanding of God.  In Jesus, God and love are the same.  In John’s time the Gnostics wanted to make up their own idea of God and love.  In our time it is many groups and religions.  Here, John sets them right.

For us today, our goal is to be more and more like Jesus one step at a time. As we do this, we grow in our love for others and thus our love for God.  Small steps is all it takes.  So take one now…

I Take For Granted


Each day as I awaken
My first thoughts are of You
The restful sleep You’ve given
I take for granted too

The beauty that I see each day
Sunrise, sunsets, wondrous views
Such a beautiful display
I take for granted too

The times that You’ve protected me
Of sins that would my life undo
How could I have failed to see
I took for granted too

The times that You’ve provided
When all the bills were due
The times that it was all supplied
I took for granted too

How can I begin Lord
To express my thanks to You
Thanking you for Your support
In everything I do

But most of all I thank you Lord
The way that You’ve changed me
I’m not the way I was before
Your love has set me free

I thank you now throughout the day
I am aware of You

Especially Your love, dear Lord,
I now take that for granted too.


Lissette Trahan


I so often take my blessings for granted.
Emerson said that if the stars came out only
once a year, everybody would stay up all night
to behold them.

Instead of thanking God for what I have I
take it for granted. Instead of being content
and satisfied I complain.

How can I tell if I am taking God for granted?
By the way that I live my life? Do I ignore God?
Do I ever think about Him, do I ever pray or
thank Him?

Jesus shows up in my life all the time, but if I don’t
stay aware I miss Him. He is there providing
opportunities. He is there when I have problems. He is
with me ready to help me at all times. Then when
things are solved I just assume that I did a good job.
That is taking Him for granted.

When I pray I feel like my prayers are too simple.
Here I am addressing the creator of the universe.

Then I remember the gift of the Holy Spirit. He is
always with me helping me, interceding for me.
Jesus died so I would have that comforter.

He nudges me, with Him by my side I cannot ignore God.
I cannot take Him for granted.

Ecclesiastes 7:14
On a good day, enjoy yourself;
On a bad day, examine your conscience.
God arranges for both kinds of days
So that we won’t take anything for granted.

The Word


The power of Your Word created the world
I opened the Book, the truth finally heard
A love letter to me, we call it the Bible
With instructions so clear, it is my survival

The Bible revealed God, Jesus in action
I felt His love, I felt His passion
Reading His Word I found the truth
My life has changed, how much more proof

So many years not knowing the Word
I am a true witness of what it can do
I had been told but I had not heard
His sacrifice, His love, my life was renewed

The power of Your Word keeps the World in order
God left us that Word, God left us that power
Your Word says to go and preach in the world
How I lead my life speaks louder than words

Your Word became flesh
You became my Savior

Lissette Trahan


The Bible is God’s Word to us. It is like
reading a love letter to us from the creator
of the universe.

I didn’t understand this right away but I
kept on reading. I kept on seeking to know
more. Once the truth penetrates you can
never let it go.

The Bible is the most important book on
earth. The most important book ever written.

It has been proven to be accurate. Many
have tried to disprove it and failed.
Discoveries keep coming up verifying and
supporting it.

It changed my life. It introduced me to
history’s most important figure, Jesus.

Read this book and your life will change.

Romans 10:17
“So faith comes from hearing, and
hearing through the word of Christ”


Age Old Lessons

“Her many sins have been forgiven–for she loved much.  But he who has been forgiven little loves little.”  Luke 7:47

Jesus is explaining how the man who was forgiven a bigger debt ($500 to make it simple) loves more than the man who was only forgiven a small debt ($50).  He expands this to the sinful woman, who loves Jesus more because of her sins (she anoints him, washes his feet with her tears, and kisses his feet); whereas Simon did not of these things.  Therefore, he has less love.

I read this and thought of how I’ve been through a lot and all this year in Isaiah we’ve learned life is not hunky-dory and God gives us trials to grow us and force us to turn our faces towards Him.

I think this is true.  Those who have an easy life do take things for granted and don’t appreciate the good life when it’s there if they’ve never had a bad life.  Someone who has suffered would love more.  Someone who’s lost someone close to them–spouse, parents, child–would love more.  Would hold on tighter. Would look at each day as a gift and not just move callously through it.

I hope I have more love.  I don’t know.  I think I’ve walled off my heart so much I don’t see this love portrayed to others.  I’m trying though.  I recognize it and am trying to be better with those around me.  My instinct is to push others away instead of embrace them and I have to fight that tendency every day.  So I pray slowly it will happen–and love will shine through.

When Mamma’s Sick

When Mama’s sick, you really see the character of your kids emerge.  We were shopping at City Market last night, when Mommy got violently ill.  I was crying and when I did, my two-year old started to cry as well.  All my kids hugged me and gave me sympathy.  Since I only go to town once a week (and it this case, it would be once in 10 days), I had to push through and finish my grocery shopping.  So I continued shopping, even though my head was pounding and I had to frequently bend over to feel better.

We made it through and my kids wanted to go see the Live Nativity Scene put on by Christian Heritage School in Steamboat.  Well, I was feeling better so we went (Mommy wanted to see it too).  Just as we pulled onto the street, I had to pull over and vomit some more.  Well, I felt better and since we were there we drove through and had a good time.

On the drive back home, I wanted to die.  Every bone in my body ached, it was snowing pretty hard, and I just wanted to get home.  My husband kept calling me and I kept assuring him I’d be home.  I had to pull over every few miles and open the car door to get fresh cold air.  Every time I did, my baby (who by now was sleeping) would wake up and cry cause his Mamma was moaning.

Not 20 feet from my house, I had to vomit for the third and last time.  I pulled into the garage, took off my nasty clothes, and got in the bath tub.  Then, my husband got me some Sprite and put the kids to bed for me.  My only thought was “Praise God I have this house–a nice, warm place to come home to, a nice bathtub, a nice bed to sleep in, and a husband to help take care of me before he had to leave for his night shift.

My baby slept with me last night so I wouldn’t have to get him if he woke up.  He rubbed my back, saying, “Mum, Mum” the whole time.  He really loves his mama.

All my kids did great throughout the entire ordeal.  They didn’t fight, they stayed calm, and they gave me love and affection.  What else could a mama want?

Today, they helped me when I asked them to get me stuff and did as much as they could for their ages.  They even made themselves breakfast!

Of course, the house is a mess and my kids ate snacks the whole weekend.  But the lesson learned from me was:  when one family member’s down, the others arise and pick up the slack.  All my kids showed amazing fortitude and love and I couldn’t ask for a better family.

I’d love to hear your comments about similar stories!