Do You Ever Wonder What Happens After the Headline?

I’m talking about all those news stories you read where someone dies, a tragedy befalls a family, a child gets kidnapped and killed, and then the story disappears from the news, replaced by the next “tragic event”?  I’m not talking about those that stay in the headlines like Casey Anthony.  I’m talking about the hundreds of stories in your local paper you hear about every year that you never hear about again.

These are families, impacted for life.  I wonder what happens after the tragedy.

Yes, people go on.  Sometimes because life moves on and you must move with it.  And sometimes the paper will do a follow-up story.  But not usually.  I guess there are too many new tragedies to report on to follow the old ones.  Life…

I often wonder how I’d react if such an event happened to me.  I usually pray for that person and then thank God for my family’s blessings.

Then I think of all the people who are suffering personal tragedies–those whom you don’t hear about.  Such as health problems, work problems, money problems, kid problems, and on and on and on.

Life is so many things:  tragic, fulfilling, complicated, simple, full of hope and love, full of sadness and neediness, rich and beautiful, blessed and ugly and dirty, torn down.

My husband’s grandmother always says, “In 6 months, your problems will change and this “problem” you are going through will be just a blip on the radar screen of life.”

So true…