The beginning of understanding God
Began when I was convicted of sin
I confessed, so many thoughts
Repenting for all that I had been

The seed of love entered my heart
That spirit of love never to part
I was forgiven by God’s grace
With gratitude and joy I praised

My way into the Kingdom of God
Was with sorrow and repentance
God was there with all His love
I felt comfort and acceptance

I have come to understand
Repentance is a gift of God
It is not something that I planned
God chose me from the start

In spite of all I still offend
But I know that when I say
“”Forgive me, Lord, I have sinned”
He forgives me everyday


Lissette Trahan


Repentance is a change of heart.
It is an inward response.
It is also a change of actions.

Repentance is a gift of God.
He draws me to Him, He chose me.
I did not earn it.

I didn’t change because it was a duty,
I changed because of His love for me.

Receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit
opened my eyes and changed my heart.

Do I still sin, yes, but I lose my peace
and run back to Him knowing He will
accept me.

John 6:44
“No one can come to me unless the
Father who sent me draws them, and
I will rise them up at the last day”

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 1, Day 5: Isaiah 1:21-31

I did not get much out of today’s questions and passage from Isaiah.  They seem simple and clearly a common message throughout the entire Old Testament:  that God desires His people to turn from their evil ways and repent or face his wrath/punishment.  Maybe I’m supposed to be getting something deeper out of this but I didn’t.

God wants all of us to be good people, follow His word, and do our best.  Isaiah is merely echoing God’s desires in this passage and once again passing on a warning of calamity if not followed.