The Book of Fairies

The Book of Fairies by Michael Hague is a compilation of short stories about fairies.  This comment was in the appendix and it struck me:

“A world without magic and danger would be boring.  Stories of fairies remind us how unpredictable and interesting the world really is.  And they remind us that we must have times of struggle before we can have happy endings.”

It’s a sentiment we’ve all heard before, right?  You got to have the downs to have the ups.  But I’ve never heard it quite put like this before.  Since I’m a writer I guess the simile impacted me more.

But it’s true.  It reminds us all to keep plowing through the rough spots to find the smooth road; that the pot of gold lies at the end of the rainbow; to follow the Yellow Brick Road to return to Kansas.

I think that’s why I switched from writing non-fiction to fiction: because I like a good make-believe story as well as the next person.  And I believe I can create one as well as or better than others.

If I keep trudging through the muck to get to the shower…

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