“The Lord Will Fight For You; You Need Only to Be Still.”

Exodus 14:14

Words from Moses to the Israelites I needed to hear today and I thought some of you might need to as well.

Substitute I for “the Lord” and picture God whispering this in your ear and you’ll get a beautiful picture to last the rest of the day (and beyond).  Magic.  Powerful.  Life-giving. From Father to daughter or son.

5 thoughts on ““The Lord Will Fight For You; You Need Only to Be Still.”

  1. you have no idea how i to have needed to be reminded. or remind myself this week alone.but when you do submit your self and repent for not doing that it’s amazing how he works in your life.
    i was just listening to an i=pod no names mentioned, went something like this. if your going to do the work on your own i will stop and let you. and when you are finished i will do my work. amen. praise god for that, it boggles my mind that we already know this, yet we still at time walk in the flesh. just this morning i cried to god and repent because i was doing thing in my own strength and not waiting on him. who is above all else my provider, my strength, my rock, my heavenly husband, my best friend, the one person i want to do nothing before consulting everything from the smallest my decisions to the biggest. i’ve been practicing to pray with out ceacing. and

  2. Thanku Di much for this beautiful scripture I so need as my husbands job is coming to an end 6/7/12. We have s huge mortgage n a daughter in high school. His car n cell fone goes bac too. I don’t work and am fully trusting the Lord with His promises inHis word. I luv this verse n do declare n decree that God is doing wonders for me n my family. I prayed for this home so it is so special to us. Gud us Jehovah Jirehn I know He knows the plans he has for us. Am trusting Him. I know that Our Father had a job for ny husband Rod already. Please b in agreement with me n that this home is Gods sanctuary. Thanku once agai n God bless u with your fantastic job. Lov Ranjani.

  3. This scripture was given to me last week on the morning of a day in court. I was completely amazed watching this scripture play out in front of me, through the judge who prevented the attorney for the other side from their line of questioning on many different occasions that afternoon in the court proceedings. I didn’t need to do or say anything, God fought for me. God is so good.

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